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Nicola Marsh, Girl in a Vintage Dress and a Giveaway!

Today we all are about to meet USA Today Bestselling Australian author Nicola Marsh. So let's welcome her! 

Thanks Nas for having me, it’s great to be here.

You are very welcome! We love chatting to authors and getting to know their processes so we're looking forward to chatting with you!

I’d planned on a much longer post but thanks to sick kids and deadlines, I’m going to make this short and sweet, and hope I can visit again J

Oh, definitely, we shall look forward to chatting with you again!

Over to Nicola Marsh....

I write for Harlequin Romance and Presents Extra series, so when I’d completed my favourite category romance (SEX, GOSSIP AND ROCK & ROLL) I knew the book I wrote after it would be a let down unless it was something special.

Thanks to an article on retro charm schools in a Sunday newspaper magazine, my heroine Lola strutted onto my page!

A curvy heroine who adores all things retro, I needed a hero opposite her in every way.  Enter techno-savvy, entertainment CEO Chase.

I love ‘opposites attract’ stories and have a ball writing them.
Thankfully, I think Lola and Chase have what it takes to match it with their predecessors, Luca and Charli in Sex, Gossip & Rock & Roll.

* How did the title came about?

My working title was Retro-A-Go-Go.  Girl in a Vintage Dress (chosen by Mills and Boon) is pretty descriptive though.  Sums up Lola perfectly!

* How did you choose the genre? ...You write YA as well?

I love writing category romances!  There’s something infinitely satisfying in creating guaranteed happily-ever-afters.  I have a ball choosing a modern setting, contemporary characters and putting my spin on it.

That said, I also enjoy writing longer stories with the chance to explore a plot and secondary characters in depth, hence my foray into YA and mainstream romance/women’s fiction.

I have a contemporary romance, BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD, releasing this December from Entangled Publishing and I’m super excited about it!  Set in Mumbai and New York City, it’s about an Indo-American trying to find herself (while creating chaos along the way!)  BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is packed with fun, laughs and food, lots of glorious, delicious Indian food. Yum!

* What inspired you to become a writer?

I loved writing at school and always said I’d write a book one day.  Somehow I got sidetracked, did a degree in Applied Science in physiotherapy instead, and ended up working in this field for 13 years before I had an epiphany.  Rather than talking about writing a book one day, I actually did it.

Luckily I sold my first book not long after and haven’t looked back.  I’m so lucky, writing is my dream job!

To celebrate the release of GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS, I’m giving away 2 signed copies of another favourite of mine, OVERTIME IN THE BOSS’S BED.
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Thanks again, Nas!

EXCERPT from Girl in a Vintage Dress:

Lola didn’t take kindly to being bossed around.  She’d had enough of it growing up from her Miss Australia finalist mother and catwalk model sister.
Wear the boot cut jeans, not the slim fit. 
Don’t wear the A line skirt, it makes your bum look big. 
Use the coral lipstick, not the pink, you look washed out.
Bossiness never failed to raise her hackles and the moment Mr Tall, Dark and Domineering had strutted into her domain, ignoring house rules, she’d been primed for battle.
Mobile phones didn’t belong in Go Retro for a reason.  Trying to recreate a vintage ambiance was imperative to her business and considering those infernal devices weren’t invented back then, she’d made it a house rule to not have them used in her pride and joy.
She also hated their constant buzzing and ringing and clattering as people tapped at those miniature keypads like their lives depended on it.
How anyone could be glued to a phone when surrounded by all this beauty…she trailed a hand over a velvet 1940s vermillion ball gown, savouring the plush-ness, the timeless elegance, let her fingers skim a floral silk scarf she bet could tell a few stories about the necks it had been knotted around over the years.
She glanced at the diamante shoe clips, the crimson lipsticks in different brands, the fascinators at jaunty angles on the classically dressed mannequins.
Every item had been lovingly chosen in the hope it would bring joy to its next owner in the same way it had brought her joy to discover it.  Surrounded by all these wonderful treasures of the past, how could anyone not be tempted?
“I need an answer.”
Just like that she snapped out of her reverie and glared at the philistine who wouldn’t appreciate vintage at its finest if it slithered off a mannequin and onto his rather impressive frame. 
The same impressive frame that made her want to run and hide out in the back room and let Immy deal with him.  His type scared the beejeebies out of her: slick, smooth, successful.  Guys who had it all and knew how to wield their many god-given talents.  Guys who could use their looks and success to bedazzle a girl like her.  Guys like Body.
     Annoyed she’d let her past creep into the present, and doubly annoyed that she’d showed a glimmer of her fear when this guy had strutted in here like he owned the place, she squared her shoulders.
So he thought he could boss her into accepting his deal by throwing money around and sweetening it with a personal recommendation? 
He had that look about him, the look of a man used to getting his own way: designer, from the top of his perfectly cut chocolate brown hair to the bottom of his Italian loafers and his five-figure charcoal suit cost more than the entire front display.
As for Dazzle, of course she’d heard of them.  Anyone who lived in Melbourne knew of the entertainment company’s formidable reputation.  You wanted something to make your event special?  Dazzle did it, from jugglers to fire-eaters to international rock bands.
So he was the CEO?  Figured.  A guy like him would be used to throwing his weight around and never accepting a knock-back.  Well, there was a first time for everything.
He wanted an answer?  She had one for him, as soon as she phrased it in more ladylike terms than the ones running through her head, something along the lines of stick it.
Her disdain for his high-handedness must’ve shown for he rubbed a hand over his face and when it dropped, his haughty expression had been replaced by a rueful smile.
“Look, I’m sorry for barging in here and blustering.  It’s a sign of a desperate man.”
With those devastatingly blue eyes, charismatic smile and smoother-than-honey voice, she seriously doubted this guy had ever been desperate in his life.

Check out my review of GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS

And my review of GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS was picked up our local newspaper for their The Sunday Times magazine, so I was quite surprised to come across it while browsing the paper on Sunday morning!

So remember folks, to be in the running for signed copy of OVERTIME IN THE BOSS’S BED, see what Nicola says above!

 For more news about Nicola, you can visit her Website and Blog. You can Friend her on Facebook or Follow her on twitter!

Author Talli Roland sharing with us today!

Today, I cajoled Talli Roland to come and share with us....
Please welcome Talli, and let's see her processes!

Everything I Learned About Writing, I Learned from Friends.

Okay, obviously not everything. But my incessant watching of Friends (I don't care how many times I've seen each episode, it's still funny) has actually taught me a lot about characterization, pace and plot.

Every character in Friends is different and distinct, with their own foibles and quirks. Monica likes to clean; Chandler fears he's gay; Ross gets divorced; Rachel’s into fashion and shopping; Phoebe's kind of ditsy – and poor Joey's not the brightest bulb. Everything they say and do supports their characterization perfectly.

An episode of Friends usually starts off in the coffee shop. Then, something happens to upset the norm and the characters must fight against it, accept it or adjust to it. By the end of the episode they're back at the coffee shop, equilibrium restored. We're never subjected to the boring bits (sleeping, eating, getting up, etc.); everything we see relates in some way to the plot and is there for a reason. In short, it's everything I need to keep in mind for my own writing. I knew there was a reason I liked it so much!

The Hating Game

When Mattie Johns agrees to star on a dating game show to save her ailing recruitment business, she's confident she'll sail through to the end without letting down the perma-guard she's perfected from years of her love 'em and leave 'em dating strategy.

After all, what can go wrong with dating a few losers and hanging out long enough to pick up a juicy £200,000 prize? Plenty, Mattie discovers, when it's revealed that the contestants are four of her very unhappy exes. 

Can Mattie confront her past to get the prize money she so desperately needs, or will her exes finally wreak their long-awaited revenge? And what about the ambitious TV producer whose career depends on stopping her from making it to the end? Available on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK) in both paperback and Kindle.

Watching Willow Watts

For twenty-five-year-old Willow Watts, life has settled into a predictably dull routine: days behind the counter at her father's antique shop; nights watching fuzzy telly whilst the elderly residents of Britain's Ugliest Village bed down for yet another early night.

But everything changes when Willow's epically embarrassing Marilyn Monroe impersonation is uploaded to YouTube. A canny viewer spots Marilyn's ghostly image hidden in the film and Willow becomes an international sensation.

Her dire little town is suddenly overrun with fans proclaiming her to be the 'new Marilyn'. Egged on by the villagers - whose shops and businesses are cashing in - Willow eagerly embraces her new identity, dying her hair platinum and scoffing cakes to achieve Marilyn's legendary curves.

But when the only man she has ever truly loved returns, seeking the old Willow, it's decision time. Should she risk stardom and the village's new-found fortune on love? Or is being Marilyn Willow's real ticket to happiness? Pre-order the paperback.

About Talli

Talli Roland has three loves in her life: rom coms, coffee and wine. Born and raised in Canada, Talli now lives in London, where she savours the great cultural life (coffee and wine). Despite training as a journalist, Talli soon found she preferred making up her own stories – complete with happy endings. The Hating Game is her first novel and she is currently working on her second, Watching Willow Watts. Talli blogs here and can be found on Twitter here.

USA Today Bestselling author Kate Hewitt with a Giveaway!

@Today I’m honored to be hosting Harlequin Mills & Boon Modern/Presents Author Kate Hewitt.
Kate, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. It's great to have you here!
Thanks, Nas, it’s wonderful to be here and to connect with readers. And to talk about writing, which I love to do!
So we started of with some questions....On Writing and Reading…
When did you start to write, how long did it take you to be published, and how did you decide which genre to write?
I’ve been writing creatively for most of my life. I started with angst-ridden poetry in junior high, moved on to plays in college, and then attempted my first romance novel when I was 22. I had no luck publishing that manuscript, and so while living in England I turned to writing short stories for women’s magazines. I had two small children and little sleep and so writing in a brief format really worked for me at that time. I sold several hundred short stories before I decided to try another romance novel--and sold that manuscript, eleven years after I wrote the first one.
I bet all that juggling of jobs, relationships and commitments gives you plenty of fodder for your books. What sparks your creativity?
Well, sometimes all the juggling seems to get in the way of creativity! Ideas tend to fall in my head from the sky. That might sound strange, but generally I’ll just be walking along or folding laundry and a ‘what if...’ idea will suddenly pop into my brain. Getting from that moment to a whole manuscript though is something else entirely--a lot of pain, effort, complaining, and rewriting--but it’s worth it.
What do you love most about being a writer?
So many things! I love the actual process of writing, when I feel like something I’m writing is really working. I love working with my editor, and hearing her feedback. I love seeing my book in the shops, and hearing from readers. And I love that I have a job where I can set my own hours, work wherever I want, and dress how I like!
Do you write under a pen name? If so what was the motivation to use one?
Yes, I do, mainly because I was advised that my own last name might not sell as well as Hewitt. My first name is Katharine, and I go by Katie in real life so Kate isn’t too far off! Hewitt is my grandmother’s maiden name.
Where do you write? Home office.  Coffee shop etc.
Generally at home, at my desk in the dining room, with my two year old toddling around.
Do you have a favorite locale or setting for your novels? What is it and why is it your favorite?
Whatever the setting, I like to really bring it to life in my stories. I especially like to write about places I’ve actually been, and after spending two wonderful weeks on a remote Greek island when I was in college, I think Greece is probably my favorite setting.
Which of the books you have written is your favorite?
 That is so hard to decide! Actually the book I just wrote, which is part of a new continuity, is probably my favorite right now. But of all the books already published, I have a special place in my heart for my first book, The Italian’s Chosen Wife, and my first continuity book, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin.
On Romance...
Describe the ultimate romantic meal.
Any meal without children present! I have low standards in real life!
What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?
There are so many... but probably Remains of the Day. Most people wouldn’t consider this a romantic movie, because the hero and heroine never actually get together, but the yearning in it really moves me.
What is your all-time favorite romantic song or composition?
My husband and I love Danny’s Song by Loggins & Messina. The chorus could be the story of our life:
Even though we ain’t got money,
I’m so in love with you, honey,
Everything will bring a chain of love
In the morning, when I rise,
You bring a tear of joy to my eyes,
And tell me everything is going to be all right.

What is the most romantic gesture or gift you have received?
My husband bought me a really sexy underwear set when I was nine months pregnant and felt like a whale. Unfortunately they didn’t fit, but his thoughtfulness was so touching.
How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?
Spending time together, and realizing that a lot of life is maintenance and work, but you can still enjoy it all along the way!
What tip would you give your readers to make their lives more romantic?
Listen to each other. I think really listening without checking your email or scanning the news headlines (guilty!) is such a talent. You can really tell when someone is fully focused on you.
Where is the most romantic place you’ve ever traveled?
Paris, but I went by myself. I really want to go again with my husband!
Tell us something about yourself people may not expect or know.
I’m sure there are a lot of things! But here is one: I’m afraid of deep water. I went snorkeling in Hawaii in the deep ocean when I was young and had a complete panic attack. Now I have a pretty deep-seated fear of swimming in the ocean. Ironically, we’re moving next month to a coastal town in England! So maybe I’ll conquer my fear...
Thanks for sharing that with us, Kate. I hope you do conquer your fear!

To finish up, do you have any advice/handy tips/craft skills you'd like to share with unpublished authors?
 This is hardly original, but write. Write everyday if you can, for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Write through the self-doubt and frustration and the fear that you’ll never be published. Write without going back and tinkering endlessly with what you’ve already written. Write to finish a manuscript rather than that perfect first chapter. The more you write, the better you become. Guaranteed.
And also believe in yourself. I finaled in RWA’s Golden Heart contest in 2000. That manuscript never sold, but another one did in 2007. When I was at the RWA conference in 2000, a published author told me she finaled in the Golden Heart years ago, and now everyone who finaled in her year had sold. Everyone. Now that’s not guaranteed, of course, but what it taught me was if you really want to be published, it will happen... as long as you don’t give up.

The Man Who Could Never Love is a marriage-of-convenience story where both the hero and heroine go into this loveless bargain with their eyes wide open. Vittorio wants a traditional wife, and Anamaria wants a child and companionship. It’s all very amicable... until they realize they’re attracted to one another!
This book is close to my heart because the heroine is sturdy, big-boned, and nearly six feet tall. As a tall woman (I’m 5’11”) I went through phases of hating my height, always having to stoop to talk to other women, being taller than a lot of men, etc, etc... until I started dating my 6’3” husband and never really thought about it again! I loved writing about how Vittorio starts to see how beautiful Anamaria is--and how he then makes her feel beautiful... and loved.  I hope you enjoy the story too!

Thanks for sharing your insights about writing and some fun facts about your life, Kate, it's been a honor having you here.
The goodness doesn't end there though, folks. Kate has generously brought a copy of  The Undoing of De Luca for one lucky person.
All you have to do is “LIKE” her FB page and leave a comment or question for Kate and you'll go into the draw for this book. You are also welcome to join Kate at her BLOG and her Website for all the latest news!

My reviews of Mr and Mischief which is also being released as The Matchmaker Bride in US is here.
and The Man Who Could Never Love which has the US title of The Brides Awakening is here.

Kate also has a book as part of the BAD BLOOD series, the notorious Wolfes, and her story is of the biggest baddest Wolfe, titled LONE WOLFE. 

Ann Best's Inspirational Journey!

 Today we have Ann Best sharing her inspirational Journey in life and to publication of her memoir!  Without further delay I give you Ann:

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, this is the blurb that’s on the back of my book:

When Ann Carbine marries Larry in, she’s certain their marriage will last forever. Eleven years later, she learns he’s been having affairs with men. She wants to help him. She wants to save the marriage.  However, powerful emotions pull Larry away from his family; after nineteen years, the marriage ends. As a single parent, Ann is faced with four grieving children who don’t want to leave their father and their home in Utah. But Ann needs to start a new life in a new place. In the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Ann at last makes peace with the past.

My children are in my memoir.

These are pictures of them in 1976. Jen is bottom row, center.
They wanted pseudonyms (the past is still painful for them), but I told Jen I couldn’t see her as anything except Jen. She was okay with this because she’s lived with me through the many drafts of my book, listening to passages and correcting me!

She’s my middle daughter who was brain injured in a catastrophic accident in 1986. (Her younger sister also suffered a crushed pelvis.) Brain injury. Twisted brain stem. She has no balance. She can’t walk. But she isn’t paralyzed and I can take care of her. I’m her 24/7 aide--though we now have a sweet young woman who gives us thirty hours a week. Jen loves her companionship, and I love the time to write and blog, and sometimes visit my other children who live an hour and a half away.

I’ve told Jen she’s the star of my blog. So today I’m going to share an excerpt with her in it. Clarissa Draper and Denise Covey  have posted different excerpts, intense scenes that involve me and my first husband.

There’s also a brief review here that includes a few snippets from the book.

This is a scene that takes place eleven months after my daughter’s accident.

Five days before Christmas, a Saturday, I felt that something wonderful was going to happen with Jen. But when Tom and I got to the hospital Jen’s door was closed, and the feeling I had vanished.
“Is something wrong?” I asked the cheerful receptionist.
“I don’t know,” she said.
Finally, Jen’s door opened. Carol, a motherly middle-aged nurse who loved all of her patients as if they were her own children, appeared in the doorway. I expected her to smile at me and Tom and wave us into the room, but she didn’t even look at us as she disappeared around the corner and returned with an armful of clean towels and a hospital gown. She closed Jen’s door behind her.
“Maybe they’re dressing her in something special today,” I said to Tom.
But when we entered the room, nothing seemed different. She wore the usual hospital gown, a fresh one, and sat propped upright in the bed, bright-eyed and alert with a slight smile on her face. I had seen her alert before. What was going on?
Carol stood by the bed with the young aide and the part-time nurse.
“Come here.” Carol motioned to me.
Something was different. I felt it as I stepped forward and leaned toward Jen. I watched her open her mouth. I heard her say, pausing a moment between each word, “I—love—you—Mom.”
The words were halting and a bit slurred but clear enough to understand.
“Oh, Jen.” I pressed a hand to my mouth.
“Tell her again,” Carol told her.
“I—love—you—Mom.” The words were louder this time and more distinct.
“You little sweetheart,” I cried out.
“Wait,” Carol said. “There’s more.”
With intense concentration Jen said, “You—are—my—mom—Allison—is—number—one—Megan—is—” She paused. “Number—three—Eric—is— number—four—I—am—number—two.”
Fumbling around her splinted arms, I pressed her cheek against mine and hugged her. “I love you, sweetie.” Tears blurred my eyes as I turned to the nurses. “I’m so grateful to all of you. You’ve all done so much for Jen.”
It had been eleven months since the accident. We can’t predict anything with brain injuries, the emergency room doctor had said. Now, through the grace of God and the skill of doctors and nurses, she could talk. It was a wonderful Christmas gift. 
Jen has come a long way. Here’s picture of her in the hospital shortly after the accident. The other picture was taken over twenty-five years later in Harrisonburg, Virginia where we’ve finally settled.

Home of GREEN trees. Green is her favorite color!

My youngest daughter was also in the accident with Jen. You can read about her, and more about Jen, on my blog: Ann Best

Here’s one more brief poignant scene with me and her father, who left me when she was fifteen. This takes place a few days after the accident. He has flown from Utah to Virginia to see his injured daughters.

That evening in the hospital waiting room, Larry and I were alone. Beside him on the fraying sofa, I said, “I guess you know Jen might not get through this.”
“I just hope she knows how much I love her.”
I remembered how Jen had cried and clung to me and said she hated him the night he left me. I had hated him, too. But in the quiet hospital room, I looked at his pleading eyes and said, “She knows you love her. She loves you, too.” Turning away from the tears in his eyes, I went back to the intensive care unit.
[end of excerpt]

Here's another INTERVIEW of mine, where I talked about a little bit more. And fellow Blogger and friend Talli Roland shared her views of my memoir, IN THE MIRROR, here.

The book is available on Kindle and Nook. A paperback copy can also be purchased directly from the publisher. Shipping and handling for the paperback is less this way than on Amazon, and fulfillment is faster.



The Publisher:

I think I’m one of the few bloggers active on Blogger. I’m seventy-one. Published at age 71. It's never too late! And I hope to write another memoir before I die.

Sarah Morgan Under The Spotlight and with a Giveaway!

Today I’m honored to be hosting Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical/Presents and now a new series Bad Blood author, Sarah Morgan.
Sarah, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. It's great to have you here!
Great to be here, Nas! Thanks for inviting me.
Kicking off with some easy questions, I asked her....
On Writing and Reading…
So, when did you start to write, how long did it take you to be published, and how did you decide which genre to write?
I started seriously after my first child was born and sold the third book I wrote. I don’t know exactly how long it took but it was probably a couple of years. I learned a lot from those two rejected manuscripts, most importantly that the happy ever after is supposed to be at the end, not the beginning J. I loved my characters so much I wanted them to be happy from page 1. Lovely for them but very boring for the reader. Fortunately I learned that lesson.
I bet all that juggling of jobs, relationships and commitments gives you plenty of fodder for your books. What sparks your creativity?
All sorts of things. People. Conversations. Things I read. Things I see. Things I overhear. And of course the ‘what if’ question which is a writer’s staple diet….. 
What do you love most about being a writer?
I get paid to make things up! Jobs don’t get much better that that J  Seriously though, I love creating characters and giving them their own stories. I love meeting other romance writers. Most of all I love hearing from readers.
Where do you write? Home office.  Coffee shop etc.
All of the above. I do write at home but I find it helps to vary where I work. Sometimes I work in a coffee shop but inevitably I’m tempted by the endless supply of brownies and cupcakes so when I feel the need to impose discipline I use the library.
Do you have a favorite locale or setting for your novels? What is it and why is it your favorite?
I love setting books in the Mediterranean, particularly Greece. The island of Corfu is one of my favourite places but one day soon I’m going to pack my bags and visit you in Fiji……watch out..
You very welcome! Come visit me anytime!
Which of the books you have written is your favorite?
My favourite is usually the book I’ve just finished writing!
On Romance...
Describe the ultimate romantic meal.
For me it’s the company, not the food.
What is your all-time favorite romantic movie?
I’m going to cheat and pick a TV series,The Vampire Diaries because the writing is exceptional and the acting is flawless. It should be compulsory viewing for anyone wanting to learn more about how to sustain tension and build conflict. And yes, it’s romantic.
And the anti-hero is super-hot and yummy as well!
What is your all-time favorite romantic song or composition?
Anything by Puccini.
What is the most romantic gesture or gift you have received?
Time to write when my children were very small.
How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?
We spend time together and we talk. Alot. (I might talk just a tiny little bit more than he does J)
What tip would you give your readers to make their lives more romantic?
Learn to appreciate the small things.
Where is the most romantic place you’ve ever traveled?
Florence, Italy
Tell us something about yourself people may not expect or know.
I can’t stand broccoli (please don’t tell my kids)

To finish up, do you have any advice/handy tips/craft skills you'd like to share with unpublished authors?
Whether you’re a ‘plotter’ or a ‘pantser’, make sure you have a strong sustainable conflict before you start otherwise your book will grind to a halt half way through.
What one specific piece of advice would you give a would-be writer trying to kick-start a career?
Write the book you want to write. It’s important that the story that excites you. If you’re not excited by what you’re writing no one else will be either.
A Night of Scandal is the first in an exciting new series from Harlequin Presents called Notorious Wolfes (it was published first in the UK as Bad Blood and my book was called The Tortured Rake)

Nathaniel Wolfe is the ultimate bad boy, a Hollywood superstar who uses his incredible acting
ability to conceal the shocking truth about his past.  But secrets, especially nasty ones, have a way of escaping and when his carefully protected world fractures and he realises his past is about to be exposed, Nathaniel needs somewhere to hide. He turns in desperation to the first person he sees,
costume designer Katie Field. 

Katie lives alone. Coping with family problems of her own, she works hard, spending all her spare time drawing and designing costumes and trying to follow her dream. The closest she comes to glamour is when she dresses other people …….until the night Nathaniel Wolfe begs her for sanctuary. The only red carpet Katie has ever walked on is threadbare and her budget doesn’t allow for meals in expensive restaurants but suddenly she’s entertaining Hollywood royalty in her cramped London flat.

This is the story of an ordinary girl who finds herself swept into an extraordinary world. Daunted by Nathaniel the movie star, Katie wants to know Nathaniel the man but he fights against revealing that dark, damaged side he’s successfully hidden all his adult life. As their relationship deepens she wants to trust him but how do you believe the words of a man whose greatest skill is his ability to become someone else?

I loved writing A Night of Scandal – I hope readers enjoy it!
Thanks for sharing your insights about writing and some fun facts about your life, Sarah, it's been a honor having you here.
Thanks for having me Nas, it was fun!
Sarah has generously donated a copy of A Night of Scandal to one lucky person.
All you have to do is leave a comment or question for Sarah and you'll go into the draw for this book. And do connect with Sarah. You can friend her on Facebook, visit her on her Website for more news on her upcoming releases and follow her on Twitter.