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Dead Men Play The Game

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Spotlight on Robin Gianna, Her Greek Doctor's Proposal #Giveaway

 This week's Spotlight is on author Robin Gianna and her latest release Her Greek Doctor's Proposal! 

Robin Gianna on the web:

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1. If you have a pen name, can you explain how you came up with it?

My last name is very long, so I tried to find a fictional name, but couldn't come up with anything that resonated with me. So I ended up deciding on a shortened version of my name, and am happy with it.

2. What are a few things we would find in or on your desk?
 A scary question, because there are all kinds of weird things on my desk besides the obvious books, pens and post-it-notes! Right now a pair of my son's pants waiting to be altered, a blow-up neck pillow from my last plane trip, and a wrist support are all lying there. Maybe time to clean it off? ;-)

3. What motivates you to write? 
 Deadlines :-) And the stories that won't leave me alone if I try to ignore them.
 Haha...first time I came across 'deadlines' as motivation to write!

4. Share something about yourself no one else knows?
 I used to be a night-owl who somehow morphed into a morning person.

5. Tell us about your book...
Her Greek Doctor's Proposal is set in Delphi, Greece with an archaeologist heroine and Greek doctor hero. She's determined to find a treasure her late archaeologist parents believed would be found on the dig-site where they died. But when dig workers become mysteriously ill, the local doctor wants her to shut down the dig until he can figure out what's causing it.  If she does, she'll never find the treasure, but if she doesn't, what will the consequences be for others? And what's she going to do about the intense attraction between her and the hunky doctor, which complicates things even more?

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