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Spotlight on Lynne Marshall, Her Baby, His Love!

This week Spotlight on Author is on Lynne Marshall and she has a new book out! 

Who is Lynne Marshall?

Lynne Marshall is the author of twenty-four category length books for Harlequin Medical Romance and Special Edition lines, plus three single title books. Lynne has been a four-time Cataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award winner for her Medical Romances, a 2012 winner of the Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice Award for her first venture into bigger books, One for the Road, as well as a March 2015 Top Pick from Romantic Times Review Magazine for Her Perfect Proposal, Harlequin Special Edition. After twenty-five years as a Registered Nurse she finally discovered she was meant to write stories and pursued her dream. She lives in Southern California with her husband of thirty-four years and a rescued shelter dog named Milo. She loves being a grandma and is a proud mother of two adult children. www.lynnemarshall.com

 You can connect with Lynne Marshall on the Web:

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Who do you like to read?  

Susan Elizabeth Philips & Lynne Marshall
There's no secret that I love to read Susan Elizabeth Phillips for contemporary romance, because she blends humor and emotion so beautifully with her stories and characters.  I also like to read Linda Howard for Romantic Suspense, Nora Roberts for just about anything she endeavors to write, Jodi Thomas for Sweet Texas tales, and LaVyrle Spencer for classic U.S. historical romance. For a change from romance, I thoroughly enjoy reading Louise Penny novels. She is a Canadian who writes literary Suspense.

What’s your favorite place to read?  

I have a special chair in my living room where I sit each morning with a cup of coffee, and with Milo on my lap while I read.  In the evenings, I find myself returning to that chair for another hour or two, if the book is particularly good.  

What are some of your reading pet peeves? 

I am always hesitant to answer this kind of question, since I might get called on the carpet for the exact same reason from some unhappy reader down the line. However, since you asked, I am not a huge fan of arrogant alpha male heroes.  The strong silent type only goes so far before I say, lady, just walk away.  I am also not a fan of heroes who talk dirty to heroines right off, like the only thing in the world they're looking for is a bedmate.  That is so not my kind of hero. At. All.

Tell us a little about your book...

HER BABY, HIS LOVE, is a very different story from my usual books. In this story, I explore a redemptive hero, who has really changed his life, and put him together with a lost young lady who hasn't figured out what is best for herself yet.  She judges him unfairly for a mistake in his past, and he figures--once she discovers the consequences of her most recent romance and tells Joe the truth--Taylor isn't the right girl for him.  The problem is they can't forget each other, just because their circumstances  aren't convenient. 
I loved writing this story where friendship leads the way to romance, and the hero provides the true love that the heroine deserves for her and her future baby.  This story probably should have been a bigger book (the way I originally wrote it) but I am happy to share this story as a total change from my usual books, by reaching out to new readers and hopefully hanging on to my core readers at the same time. Fingers crossed!
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