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Spotlight on Kate Walker, Indebted to Moreno & 65th Book Celebration Giveaway!

This week Spotlight on Author is on Kate Walker and her 65th Book Celebration Giveaway!

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Places –
 York, Lincoln – I was born in Newark Nottinghamshire where there’s an old castle, a medieval  church and a river – since then I’ve felt that visiting any city with those  elements has felt like coming home.
Dublin  where my father was born and my mother’s family lived.
Aberystwyth where I went to university and met my husband – that has to make it  a favourite place!!
There’s a wonderful ‘silent’ town called Mdina on the island of Malta
I loved Tasmania when I visited my sister who  lives there

Authors –
Emily Bronte – I wrote my MA thesis on Emily and Charlotte Bronte  - but Wuthering Heights will always be my favourite book. I even wrote a ‘Modern Romance’  adaptation of it  - The Return of the Stranger.
Mary Stewart whose  book  The Moonspinners started me off on my love of ambiguous, dark, difficult heroes. I collect her books and have several prized first editions
Dorothy Dunnett  whose fabulous historical series The Lymond Chronicles would be my ‘desert island ‘ book if I had to choose

Cat – anyone who’s  visited my blog or my Facebook page will have seen Charlie the  Maine Coon    and his much smaller adopted ‘sister’  Ruby the little black and white  queen  I rescued from the local Cats’ Protection sanctuary.

Golden roses  - I had those in my wedding bouquet and now grow that rose kin my garden
Freesias for their wonderful scent

Dates –
July 14th which is the date I married my lovely husband a lot of years ago!
January 6th – the date my son was born.


People who  slight romance books without ever having read one.

The fact that I can’t write down all the ideas in my head fast enough  to get all the stories written as soon as I think of them.  I wish I had some sort of computer connection that I could just plug in and connect my brain to my laptop – and go!

Reading -  there are too many wonderful books in the world and I just don’t have the time to read them. I don’t have a TBR shelf, I have a TBR bookcase  and I’m still tempted by   the new titles I see.   Add into this the fact that my fabulous, talented writer friends are creating fabulous books that I want to read. . . . I think that it I never bought another book for the next – er  5 years, I’d still have some I had left on the pile!

The theatre productions I know are on stage in London and then don’t tour the country so that living in Lincolnshire,  I can’t get to see them.  Every time we visit London we try to see something special –  but that’s a long way to go (and expensive!)  Luckily, York, Hull, Sheffield and Leeds make it easier – if the productions tour.

Some of the covers I’ve had for my books – you describe the hero as looking like  a  young Robert Redford and you get  a much older, heavier – totally unlike RR  character on the front. Or the hero who was an alternative comedian and the cover showed a man in  a flat cap and a tweed jacket! That was  Jester’s Girl. (But for good ones, see below!)


Musicals – Les Mis,   West Side Story (I saw a recent revival on stage in Oxford that was fantastic)   Kiss me Kate (Opera North)

Theatre – Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night.  Othello (starring Rory Kinnear and Adrian Lester) – oh, so many great productions. I love to watch really good acting .

The fabulous Manga editions of my books from Japan  - and the equally fantastic   English graphic comic editions – The Twelve Month Mistress, The Groom’s Revenge, At the Sheikh’s Command, The Italian’s Forced Bride, Return of the Stranger

The friends I’ve made through this wonderful writing life – fellow romance authors like Michelle Reid, Anne McAllister, Liz Fielding  Lara Temple. . . too many to name.    Julie Cohen, Natasha Oakley, Rachael Thomas (students or authors I’ve worked with before they were published who are now  creating wonderful, successful careers of their own)  All the students who’ve been on my courses  or who’ve  told me that my 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance has helped them in their  writing. Lovely efficient people like  the fabulous Nas Dean  who   are such a fantastic help to authors like me who struggle to find time for publicity and advertising. (Thank you Nas!) Aww...shucks! *Nas blushing!*

Fabulous family ( my sisters) friends in life – Noelle,  Anne and Gerry  and Alison and Malcolm and Kathy  from ‘Writers Holiday’   The wonderful Walker’s  Stalkers – from  my courses. My dear beloved friend Pat who sadly died of cancer two years ago and has left such a  hole in my life. People I have dedicated books to -  some who are still around and some, sadly, not.

And of course my fabulous fabulous husband.

Some  - and I emphasise the some of the covers I’ve had that have really work – At The Sheikh’s Command and the recent fantastic Destines for the Desert King. I seem to get good covers for Sheikh books – though Desert Affair just had a  huge sand dune on the front!

Most of all the fabulous thing is the fact that I  have been able  to have my dream come true and work as a published writer for so long. My mother and teachers always thought that this was a foolish dream and one I’d never accomplish. I’ve been published now for 30+ years and Indebted to Moreno is my 65th title – so my thanks have to go to all the fabulous editors I’ve worked with during that – and most of all to the fantastic, wonderful readers who have bought, read and enjoyed my books. That has meant that I’ve been able to keep writing – and keep creating new titles.

And that’s why, to thank you all, I’m marking this 65th title with a  special giveaway to share with all my wonderful readers.

Kate Walker's 65th title is INDEBTED TO MORENO

Sins of the past must be paid! 
On trembling legs, dress designer Rose Cavalliero stares up at the man she never thought she'd see again. Tall, dark and dangerous, Spaniard Nairo Moreno took Rose's virginity before a misunderstanding led her to nearly destroy his life. But now he's back and determined to collect the debt she owes him.  
Designing his precious sister's wedding gown will cement Rose's career. But if she'd known that accepting Nairo's offer would see her blackmailed into becoming a more-than-convenient fiancĂ©e to the man who broke her heart, Rose would have said no…wouldn't she?

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Indebted to Moreno by Kate Walker

Indebted to Moreno

by Kate Walker

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