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Today it's Liz Fielding!

  • Fun Facts About Liz Fielding

  • Astrological Sign:     Gemini

  • Favourite Books:       

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    Venetia by Georgette Heyer
    The Darling Buds of May by H. E. Bates
    One for the Money by Janet Evanovich
    The Colors of Snow by Kate Fenton

  • Favourite Songs:
    "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers

  • Favourite Movies:
    Sleepless in Seattle

  • Author Writing Tip:
    "Stop saying 'I will write a book,' and start doing it.

  • Liz Fielding lives in Wales, near Caermyrddyn, Merlin's Fort. The land is steeped in legend, the hilltops crowned with the remains of ancient castles.

  • She's been married for nearly 30 years to John, a wonderful man she met while they were both working in Africa. They have two children, Ami and Wil, who these days are leading their own busy lives, and a large, elderly black-and-white cat called Rocky who is about to make a guest appearance on her web site at

    She lives in a tiny village that she loves and rarely leaves, keeping in touch with readers and friends through the magic of the Internet. This year, because she was nominated for a RITA Award from the Romance Writers of America, she made an exception and flew to Washington for the Romance Writers of America conference, where she had a great time playing tourist as well as meeting up with lots of old friends.

    She loves to hear from her readers, so do email her at

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    1. Hmmn i did not know she lived in Wales I thot she was a Londoner.

    2. Hi Nas!

      Actually, make that married nearly 40 years! And that was my first Rita nomination - I've since had six more and won twice with Best Man & the Bridesmaid and The Marriage Miracle. And the lovely Rocky has long since crossed the rainbow bridge to go on the eternal mousehunt. I really need to update those facts!

      Joanna, my mother was Welsh and we live a stone's throw from whether my grandmother was born. But I did live, for many years, twenty-five miles from London. When I wasn't globe-trotting.

    3. Hi Joanna, we have the great Liz Fielding among us to clarify those facts. And six more Rita nominations. wow!

    4. Hi Liz, Welcome and great having you clarify those facts for us.

      Thanks for popping in.

    5. Hi Naz, I saw you over at Jo's blog and was interested in you for 2 reasons - you live in Fiji and your write romances. I'll enjoy following you. I love Liz Fielding's books!

    6. Hi to L'Aussie, welcome. Nice to "meet" you. So it seems we are from the same corner of the world.

      Check out Liz's website for her latest releases.. I'm reading her new Harlequin Romance HIS PERSONAL AGENDA. It's a thrill read!

    7. This is a good blogging idea. I love learning more about other writers. Thanks for sharing!

    8. I like learning about other writer's too.

      Unchained Melody is my wedding song.

    9. Hi Shelley, just blogging about myself would be too boring! But this published authors are very interesting....just check out Liz's website for articles on writing.

      Hi, Theresa, I also like reading about published authors and their journey over there.
      Now all of Liz's back list is being re-released as ebooks, isn't it awesome?

    10. Thanks so much for the welcome, everyone. And you'll find great writing advice at Nicola Marsh and Ally Blake's blogs, too.

    11. Thanks Liz :)

      Love reading these interesting snippets, Nas!

    12. Hi Nicola, a very warm welcome to you! Thanks so much for popping in.