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Don’t delay – make the RAPID RESPONSE UNIT your first call!

Mad for McDreamy? Hot for House?

Love medical drama and sizzling romances? Why not write your own Medical Romance!

Here at Harlequin Mills & Boon, we’re looking for fresh, new voices and exciting stories! This month, we’re offering a super fast assessment of your manuscript. So send us your first chapter and a synopsis for an editorial response in 2 weeks!

We’re looking for drop-dead gorgeous heroes and feisty heroines, set in the Medical world, where sensual tension and emotionally-charged conflict runs high as your medical professionals are placed under pressure to save the day – leading to life-changing encounters between them!

Want to know more details? Visit our website for more submission information:

Got a Medical Romance to tell?

Fancy a 2 week turnaround?

Then you need the

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance


If you love strong and sexy medical heroes and heroines, M&B editors Sheila, Suzy and Laurie, a.k.a. the RAPID RESPONSE UNIT, are waiting to read your first chapter!

Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance are actively looking for exciting new voices, so send your first chapter and synopsis for a guaranteed, superfast assessment, to

RAPID RESPONSE UNIT submissions received between 1st June and 30th June 2013 will receive a response within 2 weeks, from acknowledgement of receipt!

Don’t delay – make the RAPID RESPONSE UNIT your first call!

·         Full writing guidelines available at

·         Please submit a first chapter and synopsis only, along with a cover letter containing your contact details

·         To be sure that your submission receives a Rapid Response, you must have an acknowledgement of receipt by return email.

·         A response will be sent within two weeks of the acknowledgement email being sent to you.

·         The Rapid Response Unit would be closed to submissions at midnight on 30th June 2013.


  1. A guaranteed two-week response is awesome. Thanks for sharing, Nas!

  2. If I was writing romance I would submit immediately. Sadly I am not. All the best.

  3. What a great opportunity! Too bad I don't write medical romance! :)

  4. RATS! YES, I've always loved books (and TV shows) set against a medical background, but now I wish I'd considered writing something along this line so I could take advantage of this great opportunity. I repeat... RATS. Oh well.

    Thanks for the heads up. I hope some of your followers submit a manuscript.

  5. I've heard Harlequin hasn't done as well as usual in the past year, so I hope they get hot, exciting new writers with this great deal they're offering. I know a retired nurse who'd be great at this, but she loves writing Fantasy. :-)

  6. I have hot doctors but they don't spend much page time in hospital and none of them want to marry nurses. And my nurses don't want to marry doctors.

    1. Hi PrincessFiona01,
      If you have a hot doc we'd love to meet him! Medical drama doesn't necessarily need to take place in a hospital. As long as there is medical drama in the story, then the location can be anywhere – if your doc is out in the field, in the wilds of Africa or even on the busy streets of New York, then great! This mixes things up a bit and gives us something different to enjoy.
      Your hero and heroine don't have to both be medical professionals either, as long as one of them is then it's enough to put us in the medical environment. We've had a great variety recently, including heroes who are firemen, vets, lawyers and even a heroine who is PR gurus! All paired with a fabulously strong hero/heroine in the medical profession - surgeon, doctor, nurse, army medic, physio etc. There's so much you can do! :)

  7. Two-week turnaround -- blistering fast!

  8. This is an awesome opportunity! Wish I had a manuscript to share :)

  9. Hello, Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment on my blog post Kodanad, the land of elephants.

    I would like to add your blog to my blog follow list.

    Let me try to write a medical romance, hope it will click because I work in the medical field.

    Please visit my blogs again and feel free to add comments.


  10. If this were my genre, I'd jump on it!

  11. Hmmm. Hospitals, medicine, and sexy encounters. I wonder if I could do that? Great post, Nas!

  12. Pity I didn't have a Medical Romance under my sleeve, or on my computer. When my daughter begins her nursing career maybe I can pick her brains for story ideas and situations, lol! There are so many new issues to probe these days.

  13. Two week turn around would be SO NICE... Maybe I need to start writing Medical Romance!

  14. That's so exciting! I can't wait to see what new books are published.
    Hope they do this for historical romance someday soon!

  15. What a great opportunity for many.

    I love the pics.

  16. What a wonderful opportunity for writers of this genre. I wish I knew someone to pass this awesome information onto. I know some romance writers so I will see if they have a medical romance to submit! Thanks for sharing and wishing the best of luck to all those who submit!

  17. I just shared the information to a fb page I am an admin for (I Love Books). I hope there will be some authors jumping at this opportunity.

    I noticed many of my romance author friends already commented on this post that they don't medical romance- but I am sure there will be many entries! :)


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