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Claire Baxter, Flirting With Danger and Giveaway!

We invited author Claire Baxter to share about her Flirting With Danger. Here she is...

Aaron Parkes in Flirting With Danger is the first reformed playboy I’ve written. In case you're not familiar with this particular trope, the hero in such stories starts out as an unrepentant playboy, committed to not committing, scoring with dozens of women and never showing real affection for any of them. He’s the rake of regency romance, and the ladies’ man of contemporary romance novels. Charming, attractive and dangerous. The love 'em and leave 'em type.

But one girl is immune to his charms.

Once he meets his match, the playboy begins pursuing her as determinedly as he ran from all the women before her. But how can he convince her that he’s genuine? How can she believe that he’s willing to give up his womanizing ways and settle down with her?

In Flirting With Danger, Aaron’s co-worker Jasmine is the one woman who doesn’t fall under his spell. In fact she despises him. So when he begins to see her in a different light, he’s stunned. She’s not his usual type, and definitely not a one-nighter.

The more time they spend together, the more Jasmine realises that Aaron is not the shallow serial-dater that she’s always thought him. There’s much more to Aaron than what's on the surface, and Jasmine likes what she sees. But can she risk her heart with him? And can Aaron overcome his own issues to give Jasmine what she needs from him?

Do you like the reformed playboy theme? Do you like to see this type of hero changed forever by love for that one special woman?

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  1. I like the reformed bad boy books, though I'm always waiting suspiciously for him to show his 'true colors'. Not very trusting of me, I know! ;)

  2. I do! It's fun to watch them all find their true hearts in the stories :)

  3. I have an ex who is a real life Aaron. Maybe he needs to read this!

  4. I love a reformed playboy. They're one of my favorite types of hero. I especially like the way a woman brings him to his knees :)

    Congrats on your release!

  5. Hi Clare, I read your ANYBODY BUT HIM recently and loved it. I'm sure this one is just as nice. I have read this one too.

  6. I like the reformed playboy theme. But can a playboy ever truly be reformed? ;)

  7. I like the reformed bad boy books. Congratulations on the release Claire!

  8. It does seem to be a common theme. The key is putting a new spin on it.

    Congratulations, Claire!

  9. Thanks for the comments and congratulations!

    I think I can safely say that Aaron is truly reformed by his love for Jasmine. :)


  10. Thanks for inviting me to Romance Book Paradise!


  11. Great to meet you, Claire!
    Hi, Nas ... I'm back :)

  12. Always love these type of stories. I always say all a man needs is the love of a good woman. Congrats on the book, Claire. Happy writing.

  13. Loved Flirting with Danger ... can't wait to read about some more bad boys !!!

  14. That sounds hard to do for him since he's a playboy. This looks like a fantastic read.

  15. The reformed playboy theme can be very entertaining, especially if the story presents him with a unique opportunity to prove himself to the heroine.

    Good luck, Claire! (And thanks, Nas.)

  16. Flirting with Danger sounds like a fun read, Clair! I enjoy the reformed playboy theme--I like seeing those bad boys tamed by love;). Congrats with the new release!

  17. Wishing Claire the best of luck. I am curious about how the reformed playboy will change Jasmine's mind. It's not always easy for those playboys to change and proving it can be even harder.


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