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Spotlight on Amy Ruttan, Dare She Date Again? #Giveaways

Our Spotlight this week is on author Amy Ruttan and her latest offering, Dare She Date Again? and there are giveaways! 

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three children.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.

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Ball gowns or plain dresses? 
Ball gowns. They're pretty and sparkly. I also never get to wear them as often as I'd like.

Where is your favorite place to write? 
In my chair or on the couch. That's where I'm most comfortable.
Favorite snack to eat while writing (or reading). 
 Hmmm, this is a hard question to answer because I'm on Weight Watchers at the moment, so I'm being good. I guess my favorite lately has been this Goji Berry Gorp from my Weight Watchers cook book. It's peanuts, almonds, chocolate chips, goji berries and raisins. It's like a trail mix. Mostly though I knit to keep my mind off snacks and the knitting helps me plot.
Hot and Humid or Cold and Snowy?
 Hot and humid. I don't like winter. I jokingly say I'm not made for winter, even though I'm Canadian. I like Cold and Snowy only if I can stay inside where it's warm.
What is one book everyone should read?
 This is hard to say because tastes are so different. I think every young girl should read Anne of Green Gables and the Little House on the Prairie series. I also think everyone should read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
What's next for you? 
 I just turned in book #6, no release date on that. My fifth book release with Harlequin Medical in March 2015. It's titled IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS and that was such a fun book to write. Right now I'm working on a special project with Tina Beckett, Amalie Berlin and Lucy Ryder. That project is due January 15, 2015 so it'll be back to writing for me again soon.
Tell us a little about your book...
If you've read Safe in His Hands you'll be familiar with George the air paramedic. Dare She Date
Again? Is George's book. It's about a widow Samantha who, after ten years, finds a second chance at love with George. It's set in Canada again, in a place I know very well. I loved being able to write George and Samantha's story. It was hard to leave them behind when the book was done.

To love again…? 

Single mom and paramedic Samantha Doxtator has been living with a broken heart after losing her husband years ago. Now she's finally back on track and following her dream to become an air ambulance pilot…after training one last student—George Atavik!

Since nearly losing his life in a plane crash, George will not waste the second chance he's been given, and he won't deny the sparks flying between him and his new mentor. Does Samantha dare risk her own carefully guarded heart for another opportunity at happiness?

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  1. Congratulations, Amy!

    I've read the Anne books, and the Little House books.

    And of course the Lord of the Rings books.

  2. Congrats to Amy! And I completely understand about not being made for winter. Ugh--so not my favorite season!

    1. Thank you, Meradeth! I'm not looking forward winter at all. LOL

  3. Congrats to Amy. I just recently got an oversized chair that's become my new writing spot. So comfy.

    1. Oversized chairs are the best! Thanks, Kelly.

  4. I'm with you on the ball gowns. I can't resist the urge to dress up like a princess. ;0)

  5. I had to laugh when she said she preferred hot and humid to cold. All Canadians have to love the cold. There's a law about it. Good luck with your book. And I like ball gowns, too.

    1. I need to see this law, Clee! ;) And my roots lie firmly in northern Ontario and some family in Nunavut ...but we still don't like the cold.

  6. Interesting questions and answers, I can see why those particular books make Amy's list of those everyone should read.

  7. Congratulations, Amy! I'm with you on the weather. Hot, please! :)

  8. Congratulations to Amy. I'm a couch-writer, as well. Why sit at a desk?

    1. Exactly, Stephanie! :) Couches and chairs are more comfy.

  9. Congrats to Amy! I am not made for winter either- even though I have lived in Connecticut my whole life. :) I loved the Little House books growing up.

    Wishing Amy the best of luck.

  10. Sounds terrific! I'm a real sucker for any book set against a medical background, but throw in a good romance, and I'm hooked!

    A Canadian who doesn't like the cold... that's kinda like my son. He lives in Florida, and hates hot weather...

    Good luck with your book, Amy!

  11. Good on you Amy. I sip on green smoothies so i don't snack while writing. Oh, it'd be so nice to be able to nibble chocolate all day!!

  12. Best of luck with watching your weight, Amy and with the book release also.


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