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Spotlight on Dani Collins & Vows of Revenge!

This week's Spotlight is on author Dani Collins and her latest release Vows of Revenge. 

Intro- I'm the author of… VOWS OF REVENGE, a September Harlequin Presents
My Life- 
After twenty-five years of writing and submitting around a marriage, kids, and a day job, I made my first sale in May of 2012. I’ve since turned in a dozen Harlequin Presents (Mills & Boon Modern) titles, published a pair of erotic romances with HarlequinE, released four small town rancher romances with Tule’s Montana Born, and put out a medieval fantasy romance with Champagne Books. I also have two indie projects, one of which is a free giveaway if you join my newsletter here ( I like to say I write anything, so long as it’s romance. I quit my day job over a year ago, I’m still married and we’re almost empty-nesters. I live in a very small town in BC Canada which is a perfect place for an author to live—no distractions!

My earliest influences were Robyn Donald, Linda Howard and Elizabeth Lowell. I adored their sexual tension and emotional angst. I also loved the more complex characters and romantic conflicts in Victoria Leigh’s Loveswepts and India Grey’s Harlequin Presents. If I could write with the depth of Laura Kinsale, I’d be in heaven! 

How I write-
I write at my desk in my attic office. It has a slanted ceiling and gets disgustingly hot in the summer, but is quite cosy in winter. I love writing while snow is falling outside! 
My desk is often messy, but don’t you DARE touch a thing upon it. I know where everything is and it’s all vitally important! 
When starting a new project, I typically write a proposal that includes a synopsis and opening chapters so my editor can keep me from going too far down any wrong roads. Once I’m writing, however, I rarely glance back at the synopsis. I research as I go (thank you internet!) I also revise as I go so it’s often a two pages forward, one back process. On the plus side, I don’t usually have huge revisions on the structure once the manuscript is complete, just a couple of rounds to clarify motivation or bring out character development, that kind of thing. 
I sit at my desk every day, but since I juggle different publishers and have something new coming out every couple of months, I wind up juggling a lot of different tasks every day. I might take a break from writing to do art fact sheets or schedule promotion or write a blog post (hi!) etc. Every month or two, I clean the white board then write out all my deadlines and releases, figure out where I am and where I’m going. Writing as a career is a lot more than just writing, but I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have this job!

I’ve always had stories in my head. The best way to kick them out is to put them on paper. I LOVE writing romance because they always end happily and I never tire of exploring how men and women develop life-long bonds. The world is a rough place and I have found comfort in romance novels at different times of my own life. I love being able to send out that same message of hope and cope to other women. Honestly, if I hadn’t read about so many heroines prevailing through hardship, I wouldn’t have had the guts to persevere with writing after that many years of rejection! But they hung in there so I did and here I am! I hope some of you take heart from that.

Your Book-
Revenge never tasted so sweet… 
Calm and controlled Melodie Parnell has always wanted to experience insatiable passion. She thinks she's found it in the bed of sinfully attractive Roman Killian. But in the sultry aftermath of their lovemaking, Melodie is catapulted back to reality when Roman reveals his true plans…to ruin her! 
Satisfying the longing in Melodie's entrancing blue eyes was a glitch in Roman's plan. Convinced she'd been sent by his enemy, he intended to simply punish her! Except it seems that Melodie was innocent, and now Roman's plan takes a different turn… Could his vows of revenge become vows of marriage?

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  1. Hi Dani

    I do love your stories and also learning about where you live and how you write and your new one is on my pile waiting for me to dive into and I am looking forward to it woohoo

    Have Fun

  2. Your attic office sounds wonderful (well, maybe not the heat, but still!). Great to learn a bit more about you, Dani!

  3. Hello, Dani! Congrats on your latest release.

  4. Hi Nas! Hi Dani! Dani, I loved reading about your writing life and I admire your dedication writing every day. I do wish I had an attic where I could hide and write without too many interruptions. A good goal.

  5. Great post. Very inspirational. Your office sounds like a wonderful place to write. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Holy moley, Dani. Once you got that first book published, you didn't waste any time, did ya? That's a LOT of books you've written in such a short time. Sounds to me like you're living the dream, girl. May it last a long long time.

    [Hi, Nas!]

  7. Enjoyed the read. Nice attic seclusion. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats, Dani! The attic writing place sounds delightful--minus how hot it can get in summer. :)

  9. Very hot cover!

    I've always wanted to write in an attic with vaulted ceilings. Seems like the right atmosphere.

  10. Love the sound of that attic writing room. So cosy and inspirational!

  11. I'd love an attic office. Dani's book looks great.

  12. I think when you write it's great to have one place... I also have a controlled mess where I work... I too know where everything is xox

  13. I would love to have an attic space to call my own.

  14. This sounds like a book with some interesting twists and turns! Writing in an attic sounds very romantic to me. :)

  15. I also prefer my desk messy (AKA when I know where everything is.) :-D


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