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Spotlight on K. A. Servian, The Moral Compass (Shaking the Tree Book 1)

Before we do our spotlight this week, I would like to thank Sandra Cox for doing a wink and a nod to me and my blog. Huge thanks Sandra, for highlighting me and my blog. I had featured UK author Rachael Thomas and her charity trek to The Great Wall of China. 

I met Rachael Thomas recently in person on my visit to London and she is such a lovely person. 

Mills and Boon editors: Flo Nicoll and Joanne Grant on both sides with author Rachael Thomas and me(Nas) in the middle. 

Now over to our Spotlight this week.

This week our Spotlight is on author K. A. Servian and her latest book, The Moral Compass (Shaking the Tree Book 1).

K. A. Servian on the web:

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I can't go past the classics: Pride and PrejudiceJane Eyre, a Room with a View or Vanity Fair to name a few. They're so beautifully crafted and I just love them. But I will also happily pick up anything from an eclectic mixture of 'modern' writers of historical fiction such as Georgette Heyer, Ken Follett, Zana Bell, Julian Fellowes and Yvonne Kalman. Basically, I just like a good story.


I find that I'm watching less and less TV these days. There are so many 'reality' shows that, to me, seem pointless. Give me a well-crafted series like Outlander,  an adaptation of a Jane Austen novel on DVD or any BBC costume drama and I'm happy.


Discovering the fascinating story of New Zealand's colonial history as part of my research. There are so many interesting accounts of the people who took incredible risks to immigrate here and build better lives for themselves and their families. It makes me appreciate how lucky we are to live in the modern world. 


The Moral Compass (Shaking the Tree Book 1)

Florence lives like a Princess attending dinner parties and balls away from the gritty reality, filth and poverty of Victorian London.
However, her world comes crashing around her when her father suffers a spectacular fall from grace. She must abandon her life of luxury, leave behind the man she loves and sail to the far side of the world where compromise and suffering beyond anything she can imagine await her. 
When she is offered the opportunity to regain some of what she has lost, she takes it, but soon discovers that not everything is as it seems. The choice she has made has a high price attached and she must live with the heart-breaking consequences of her decision. 

This novel is part one in the 'Shaking the Tree' series.

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  1. This sounds really amazing! I love learning about fascinating historical time periods while reading, too! Best of luck, KA!

  2. Best wishes on publishing and happy writing!

  3. Best of luck to K.A.

    Nas, it's so great that you and Rachael were able to meet in person!

  4. Boy, do I ever agree about the lack of good programming on TV.

    This sounds like a terrific book. Best wishes with it.

  5. Congratulations on your new book, Kathy!

  6. Sounds intriguing! I've been reading a Victoria Holt book. I probably read it back in middle school. It's been fun to revisit her.

  7. Congrats to Kathy!! And to you! What a great picture.

  8. Thank you, Nas. That was very kind. I appreciate the mention. How exciting to meet both Rachael and the editors.
    K.A., I'm with you. I hate reality TV. Your book sounds awesome.

  9. How awesome that you got to meet Rachael and I love Sandra's Wink and a Nod post. :)

    Sounds like a great book and I love the cover! Wishing Kathy Servian the best of luck!

  10. Thank you and glad you like the cover.

  11. How wonderful you got to meet them!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  12. Sounds like a beautiful story, and I love the cover. :-)

    1. Thank you, Misha. I’m gla$ you like the cover. I’ll be doing a blog soon about the process I go through when making my covers.

  13. The Moral Compass sounds like a compelling story. It sounds like it is beautifully written.

  14. That's a lovely photo of you and the editors. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you Cuban. It was awesome meeting them!


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