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And in other news...

Kate Walker also known as Queen Kate, for she is a fabulous lady, and a Queen of romance, apparently knows about my country and how it is near impossible to get new release HM&B romances and other books here.

Some shops carry HM&B novels but not all the lines. So Queen Kate is shipping over a box full of novels/books for me to donate to the local library.

The local library has dedicated a pathethic three small shelves to HM&B, now I'll see it changed!

 And she is also sending Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance to be donated to our university. Please visit her website for more information on this fab book for aspiring writers!

Hurray for Queen Kate!

Watch this spot for photos of the donation to come!


  1. That's wonderfully generous of her :)

  2. Yes, I know. Any wonder she's known as Queen Kate?
    Once the books arrive and are donated then check back for photos.

  3. oh wow that is awesome, my husband was in fiji and the neighboring islands for 5 weeks. He says it is really beautiful there. I bet your local library would be thrilled.

  4. Hi Joanna, welcome! Glad to know your husband enjoyed his stay. I hope he had good experiences with the locals and enjoyed their hospitality!
    Yes my local library is thrilled. They are eagerly waiting for the shipment, I'll post photos. Then our University will be getting the Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. How generous is that? She blogged about me today on The Pink Heart Society, I feel so honoured!