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Pay Up!

I won Kaily Hart's Blog giveaway! It was her latest release ebook "Pay Up' which is available from

I enjoyed reading this book as it was hot, spicy and naughty!

But the most enjoyable point for me was the hero(male) POV. It was very natural. And enjoyable. You can't help but fall for this guy...he is so nice!

Thanks Kaily....I really enjoyed reading Pay Up!
Please visit her blog for future giveaways and awesome advice for aspiring writers.
Kaily Hart has also interviewed Maisey Yates( on her blog. Great interview.


  1. Hey Nas, I'm so glad you enjoyed PAY UP! I'm happy to hear you liked Rio. I tried to develop a 'nicer' hero with this book who was still very alpha. And HOT LOL. I LOVE to write in the male POV as well. Sometimes I have to watch to make sure I don't stay in his POV for too long, but it is easier for me to write the male side of things.

    Congratulations on winning my blog contest! And THANK YOU!

  2. Kaily, Welcome!
    Rio is interesting, I'd love to meet a real life hero like him! Lol, hopefully husband doesn't read this post! You mean the male side is one track? That's why it's easier!

  3. A book with a nice (and HOT) hero? I'll have to check this out! Thanks for the recommendation! :)

  4. Hi Nas!
    I just visited Kaily's blog and saw you were a winner and popped over here to make sure you knew! Congrats!

  5. @Shelley Sly..Rio is hot and then some!

    @Wendy, thanks, Pay Up is very interesting.

  6. Hi, Nas! Congrats on your win! Now I'm off to visit Kaily's blog!

  7. Hi Maria, thanks for popping in!