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Ravensdale's Defiant Captive

by Melanie Milburne

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Party! Virtual Party to celebrate the release of COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE!

Lynne Marshall writes contemporary and Medical Romance for Harlequin and The Wild Rose Press.  The first book in the Grady family trilogy, Courting His Favorite Nurse, is a March 2012 Harlequin Special Edition.  Also coming in March in e-book only is, An Indiscretion, a contemporary romance with strong medical elements, from The Wild Rose Press.

You can connect with Lynne Marshall on the Web:

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COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE Harlequin Special Edition, March 2012 #2178, US

Anne Grady knew better than anyone that love was complicated. When she’d left her hometown, she thought she was leaving her past heartbreak behind for good, as well. But practically the moment she returned to care for her injured parents, she stumbled headlong into their confidant—her first love, Jack Lightfoot.

Jack had been unable to deny his feelings for Annie when he was a teenager dating her best friend, and he certainly couldn’t muffle the spark twisting between them now—even if memories of the past kept threatening to push them apart. This time Jack wasn’t going to let history repeat itself—he was going to show Annie that the two of them were meant to be much more than best friends!

And congratulations to Lynne! Romantic Times Book Reviews gave Courting His Favorite Nurse 4 Stars!

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  1. Courting His Favorite Nurse sounds great!

  2. Congratulations! May the confetti rain :-)

  3. Congratulations Lynne. Will look out for your book. I hope they bring it out in India, we usually get just two titles a month in that line!

  4. Sounds like a fun story! Thanks for the tip :)

  5. Hi Nas! Thanks for highlighting this very special book! I love the blurb and hope Anne gives Jack a chance - he sounds so romatically determined!! Love it! Take care

  6. Sounds like a fantastic read. *throws confetti*

  7. Congratulations, Lynne and good luck!

  8. I'm a big fan of your character driven books, Lynne. Looking forward to Annie and Jack's story.

  9. Good morning from California, all!

    This is Lynne Marshall, and I'm so happy to wake up to find some comments already about my blog tour kick off. Huge thank yous to Nas for starting me off on the COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE tour.

    As you must suspect, I am very excited to share this story with you, and if anyone is interested, I have posted a little bit of history about the town of Whispering Oaks at my blog this morning:

    Now, off for individual replies.

  10. Hello Lacy - I'm glad my book has piqued your interest!

    Thank you for commenting. Hope to see you more "on the road" (blog tour)

    Have a great day

  11. Deniz - I love the spelling of your name.

    Lynne says - spitting out confetti.

    OK - maybe a little less confetti rain? :)

    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  12. Hi Maria!

    Oh, I'm so glad that Harlequin is now in India. One thing to consider is the e-reader version, which is available from NA Amazon or UK Amazon.

    I never thought I'd like e-books, but now that I have an e-reader that adjusts the font - I read easier and faster. Though I still love my print books!

    thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hi Jemi - (another cute name!)

    This story has some heavy aspects to it, but Jack is so darn charming, you'll smile a lot!

    I hope.

    thanks for commenting.

  14. Dear Old Kitty - Anne is a bit stubborn at first, but Jack has a trick or two up his sleeve!

    did I mention I loved writing this book?

    thanks for commenting and I love your picture. :)

  15. Media - thank you for the confetti!

    I'm looking quite colorful this morning. :)

    thanks for commenting.

  16. Theresa - thank you!

    I will take all the luck I can get!

    thanks for commenting.

  17. Dear Robena -
    wow - you made it here before I did!

    Thank you for the kind words. As I mentioned - I loved writing this book, and as of yesterday I've now finished Lucas, Anne's brother, story. Ah - I love when love wins out...

  18. Wishing you tons of success with this, Lynne.

  19. Hi Lynne!
    Bon voyage!!! Have a great blog tour! Can't wait to read your book...Hopefully I'll be done with these revisions by the time it comes out!!!!

  20. Hi Wendy!
    Thanks for your good wishes. I'm sure you'll get those revisions done!

  21. I feel like one of the Pointer Sisters--"I'm so excited!!!"

    Lynne Marshall is one of my all-time favorite romance authors. Such a great storyteller! I very much look forward to the new series--and beyond!!!

    FABULOSO : )

  22. Dear Virginia - thank you so much for the wonderfully kind words!

    I'll sing that Pointer Sisters song right along with you.

    Love your picture, too.

  23. Congratulations on the great RT review for Courting His Favorite Nurse. The story sounds like a great Valentine's Day read!

  24. Yay! Another Lynne Marshall series - you just gotta love 'em! Can't wait until this one comes out...

  25. Cannot wait to buy it in a store! I didn't realize that it had received 4.5 stars. Now I really can't wait. WOOT! Have fun on your virtual tour.

  26. Hi Lynne, I finally made it. I had physical therapy this afternoon, so am late with emails and blog hopping. If this book is as good as your ONE FOR THE ROAD, I'm eager to get my hands on it. Sounds delightful! Wishing you great sales and more positive reviews. Yay you!

  27. Congrats Lynne!
    Sounds like a great book!

  28. Thank you, Kimberly! I was very happy to get a solid review from Romantic Times!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  29. Yay - another wonderful comment from Christine!

    :) Thanks for your support, kiddo!

  30. Hi Maria!
    Well, no, it didn't receive 4.5 stars just 4 stars, and that's plenty good for me! :) Although you made my heart skip thinking you might know something I didn't! LOL.

    Thanks for commenting.

  31. Hi Vonnie! I hope your PT made you feel much better. Thanks so much for stopping by. THis book is a shorter story since it is category, but it has a lot of heart (not nearly as much humor, though) sigh.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment today. :)

  32. Chey! How lovely to see you here. Thanks for commenting today, and I'm glad the story sounds interesting to you.

    We Mills & Boon authors must stick together, you know?


  33. Hello Lynne!

    Congratulations on the release of your COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE and on the 4 stars from RT Book Reviews!

    All the best with your Virtual Tour!

  34. Dear Romance Reader,
    thank you for your wonderful wishes. I'm looking forward to my virtual tour, and as you can imagine - I'm very happy R.T. reviews liked this book.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  35. Hi Nas and Lynne! Congrats on your newest release, Lynne! I'm looking forward to reading it!