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Spotlight on Jane Porter, The Good Wife and Giveaway!

We have multi-published author Jane Porter visiting and she's also brought a giveaway for one commenter!

Bestselling author Jane Porter has been a finalist for the prestigious RITA award four times, has over 12 million copies in print .  Jane's novel, Flirting With Forty, picked by Redbook as its Red Hot Summer Read, went back for seven printings in six weeks before being made into a Lifetime movie starring Heather Locklear.  September 2012 brought the release of The Good Woman, the first of her Brennan Sisters trilogy, followed in February 2013 by The Good Daughter, and book three in the series, The Good Wife, is slotted for release in September.  A mother of three sons, Jane holds an MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco and makes her home in sunny San Clemente, CA with her surfer husband.

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Over to Jane now...

What do you love most about writing woman's fiction?

Women's fiction novels inspire me because they deal with strong relationships and strong women. I love to write stories that are about women, stories that empower women and make us emotionally stronger.  Our society has trained us as women to depend on a man but times have changed and today a woman doesn't need a man to rescue her. We women can be our own heroes - warrior women - and save ourselves.  I love reading and writing women's fiction because these stories give me hope.  Hope is huge. 
What do you think makes a good story?
A good story engages all five senses and goes beyond, it has a personality and engages the reader's attention and the emotions. It moves you, pulls you in with unforgettable characters and a great plot. And most importantly, a good story has a satisfying ending.
You write about exotic locations - what is your ideal holiday destination?
I love Europe. I've made a few trips to Italy in recent years and hope to visit other countries in Europe soon!
Tell us a little about your current release....
The Good Wife is the third book in the Brennan Sisters series and its Sarah Brennan’s story.  If you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ve met Sarah already and you know she’s the youngest Brennan, beautiful, smart, and strong. But even though she acts like a tough cookie on the outside, on the inside, she’s vulnerable girl and still madly in love with her husband Boone.
Sarah is the sister who has it all – two beautiful kids and a gorgeous, sexy husband, Boone Walker, a professional baseball player.  They have a comfy, well-off lifestyle thanks to Boone’s success but living apart for most of the year, due to Boone’s schedule puts a huge strain on their marriage.   Sarah loves her husband fiercely but he made a mistake three years ago that she’s still finding it hard to forgive him for.  Now Boone is facing yet another career change and it makes things even more tense for their marriage until Boone gives Sarah an ultimatum.  Either get over the past to forgive and forget, or they go their separate ways.  Sarah has to decide if her marriage is worth keeping or if it’s time to walk away.
Anywhere you haven't travelled you'd like to go?
Morocco. I would love to visit one day! That country has always fascinated me and so many of my Presents novels about Arab Sheikhs have been inspired by photos and books about Morocco! 
What one item do you always pack when you travel?
My phone and charger so I'm always available to talk or Skype with my four year old son! 
The Good Wife
Is it possible to love someone too much?

Always considered the beauty of the family, the youngest Brennan sister, Sarah, remains deeply
in love with her husband of ten years. Boone Walker, a professional baseball player, travels almost year-round while Sarah stays home and cares for their two children. Her love for her husband is bottomless—so much so that her sisters say it will end up hurting her.

Living apart most of the time makes life difficult, especially since Sarah often wonders whether Boone is sharing his bed with other women on the road, even though he swears he’s been true to her since his infidelity three years ago. While she wants to be happy and move forward in her life, Sarah constantly fears that Boone will break his promise. Now with Boone facing yet another career change, tension rises between the two, adding more stress to an already turbulent marriage. Emotionally exhausted, Sarah can’t cope with yet another storm. Now, she must either break free from the past and forgive Boone completely, or leave him behind and start anew . . .
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  1. Congrats on your new book Jane and what you have achieved so far is amazing, a movie made from a book also. wow. Love my sheikh books and would love to go to Dubai one day. Yes I think you can love someone too much I would have kicked his butt out three years ago ;) Good luck with it all I am sure you have another hit on your hands. Jan.

  2. Congrats to Jane! Look at all that she has achieved. The Good Wife sounds like a great book and I love books with strong female characters. I would love to win a copy. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I am jealous of all the traveling Jane has done- it sounds like fun! :)

  3. Ooh, is this a companion series? I love those!

  4. Nice. That she stuck with him after he cheated on her shows her to be a bigger woman than I would probably be.

  5. Best of luck to Jane on the new release!

  6. Great stakes. Yikes. You know, I'm left thinking historically about men who traveled and would occasionally take a wife in a different city--balancing multiple marriages. (Back before those things were tracked.) It's crazy how easily the heart can be betrayed and the amount of trust we place in a single person when making that commitment.

  7. What amazing accomplishments! Best of luck to Jane and nice to get to know a bit about you!

  8. The Brennan Sisters series is new to me, so I'll have to check out the first book. Great interview! :)

  9. Loved the interview ... have to admit I am jealous over Italy that has been one of my dream vacations. Cannot wait to read your books. Still catching up on TBR's ... wishing continued success!

  10. Congratulations on the new book, Jane! Terrific interview.

  11. The Good Wife sounds like a great book!

  12. The cover of THE GOOD WIFE is lovely. That's exactly how I imagined Sarah would look.

  13. I agree with her about what makes a good story.

    Congrats to Jane on all of her successes.

  14. Sounds like a great book about realistic people and situations. Good luck with it!


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