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Spotlight on Melanie Milburne, Italian Surgeon To The Stars #Giveaways

This week's Spotlight on Author is Melanie Milburne and she has a kindle copy giveaways of her Italian Surgeon To The Stars to three commenters!

In 2003, Melanie became the first (not previously published) Australian author in ten years to be contracted to Harlequin Mills & Boon Presents.

Melanie is a three-time ARRA finalist and an eight-time CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award Winner.

Melanie was the winner of the ARRA Favourite Category/Series Romance for 2008.

Melanie is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of Australia, and the Australian Romance Readers Association.

Melanie is also the recipient of the Holt Medallion Award’s Award of Merit and the 2009 Booksellers Best Short Contemporary Category.

Melanie was the winner of the R*BY in 2011 in the Short Sweet Category

Melanie was a finalist in the Book Sellers Best Category and R*BY finalist in Short Sexy Category in 2013    

Melanie was a finalist for R*BY again in 2014 in the Short Sexy Category 

 Melanie is a finalist for Holt Medallion Awards in 2015 

Wishing all the best for Melanie Milburne!

Edited to add: Congratulations to Melanie Milburne! She's just been announced the winner of The Holt Medallion Award for 2015 for her novel, At No Man's Command!

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  One Kindle Copy Giveaway of Italian Surgeon To The Stars to three commenters! 

Italian Surgeon To The Stars is your latest book for Harlequin Medical Romance series and it's in first person POV, how did you decide to write it in first person?

I was asked to write a short story for the Australian Review of Fiction online journal a couple of years- the first romance author to be invited. I wrote it in first person and loved being that close to the character.
 I asked my editor if I could write my next medical in first person and thus Jem's sister Bertie's story A Date With Her Valentine Doc was born. But then of course there was Jem with her own story popping up in Bertie's book! My editor was thrilled to give the go ahead for them both. 

Did it make a difference to your 'author voice?'
I don't think it made a difference to my author voice other than I felt closer to the character as I was speaking and thinking in her head. I do that with my third person characters too, of course, but it's not quite the same.

Melanie Milburne's latest release...

Italian Surgeon To The Stars

"You think you can erase what we had?" 

Celebrity heart surgeon Dr. Alessandro Lucioni might be gorgeous, but I will never forget what we shared in Paris five years ago…or how he broke my heart!

And now he's standing in front of me, asking for my help with his young niece—and determined to pick up where we left off! But this time I won't be his consolation prize. I will remain strong. Yet with memories of those magical blazing nights swirling through my mind, he's just so very hard to resist…

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One Kindle Copy Giveaway of Italian Surgeon To The Stars to three commenters!


  1. Congratulations on all the wins and nominations... that is impressive ♡ ... Good luck with the book... don't most of us have that one person that's not good for us and that we should resist... I know I do xox ♡

  2. Congratulations, Melanie. Glad you were able to break through and become published with such a big publisher.

  3. Congrats, Melanie! I love first person stories--they really do draw you closer to the MC, I believe :)

  4. Congrats, Melanie! Reader or writer, I feel closer to a character in first person. Different books require different points of view sometimes, and that's good your editor was willing to work with you.

  5. Melanie has quite an impressive resume. Sounds like an impressive new book, too. Good luck with it. (And good luck to ME, too, for winning it!)

  6. Wow, that is quite an impressive list of accomplishments. Congrats to Melanie. And that is a hot cover on what is sure to be a good read.

  7. Handsome cover.

    Melanie is very accomplished. :) Congrats to her on being a finalist.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the lovely comments. So nice to have you drop by!

  9. Quite accomplished, Melanie! I do like the cover!

  10. Congratulations, Melanie! Well done.

    Waving to Nas :)

  11. Congrats to you! A medical romance..I haven't read one of those in quite a while. Might be time to rectify that.

  12. This book looks like lots of fun! And medically romances are always interesting.

  13. If that Italian is anything like the cute bloke on the cover, wow! Congratulations on your latest Melanie! Thanks for featuring her, Nas.

    Denise :-)

  14. Well done. It sounds like a good read.

    Greetings from London.

  15. How interesting to learn how this story evolved. Wishing Melanie the best of luck. :)

  16. Thanks everyone for your comments and congratulations. I really enjoy bringing new stories to my readers. I hope you enjoy this one and the ones coming up.

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