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Spotlight on Robin Gianna, Baby Surprise for the Doctor Prince #Giveaway

This week Spotlight on Author is on Robin Gianna, her latest release

 Baby Surprise for the Doctor Prince.

Who is Robin Gianna?

I live in a suburb of a big city in Ohio. We have almost two acres of land, with lots of trees, so it's very quiet and peaceful but close to plenty of action when we want it. I have three children and my youngest is about to graduate from high school, so, soon we will be empty-nesters part of the year. That will be so strange! Since I like to cook, I suspect I'll be making way too much food for a while until I get used to it! I love to travel, and I play piano, deciding a few years ago to take lessons again to challenge myself. I have an extensive garden, though now that I'm published, it's gone to pretty low on the list of things that get enough attention! I'm horribly disorganized, so high on my list of things to do this year is get my act together!

Robin Gianna on the web:

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Who do you like to read?
I love to read romance, of course! Romantic suspense and contemporary are my favorites, but I enjoy historical romance and others, too. I like mysteries and thrillers, but not the horrifying, graphic kind that make it hard to sleep! I love good biographies, too--there's nothing as interesting as real people's lives! And I read writing craft books which often give me nuggets to think about just when I need them.

What’s your favorite place to read?
Like most people, I love to read on a beach. But since I'm not on a beach very often, I read anywhere--a park on a beautiful day, at night on the sofa while hubby watches golf or something I'm not terribly interested in, a restaurant when I'm eating by myself.  Wherever I am, I have a book with me!

What are some of your reading pet peeves?
I guess my pet peeve is when I'm told the same thing for the tenth time. I usually shout at the book, "I know already!" I'm occasionally guilty of this, too, so it's something I try to pay attention to in my own work.

Tell us a little about your book

My editor had suggested a few locations to set the book, and when I saw Venice on the list, I said YES! I got to go there a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the city. The book is part of a duet with Amy Ruttan, featuring two Italian prince doctor brothers and two women who are friends working as nurses there.

My hero has serious problems trying to save his mother's ancient, historic house and doesn't have time for an affair, but he can't resist! He knows he's a bad bet for any woman, since his father was a chronic womanizer who broke his mother's heart. But will falling in love with Aubrey and unexpectedly making a baby with her show him that he really isn't the person he believes he is?

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Baby Surprise for the Doctor Prince by Robin Gianna

Baby Surprise for the Doctor Prince

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  1. Replies
    1. Pulls you out of the story, doesn't it Kelly?

  2. Robin, set in Venice. Hold me back! A good editor should weed out those reps, but some always get through. It is annoying!

  3. Reading on the beach is just so relaxing. I wish I could go there now, and relax back in the sun with a good novel! It's nice that she enjoys reading romance so much... it reflects in her novel ;)

  4. I love the idea of trying to fix the house in the middle of this brewing romance.


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