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Spotlight on Karin Baine & From Fling to Wedding Ring!

This week's Spotlight on Author is on Karin Baine and her latest release, From Fling to Wedding Ring! 

You can find Karin here:


Take time out and be good to yourself. It can be as simple as a long soak in the bath or making a start on that pile of books you've been meaning to read but have something to look forward to at the end of a hard day. Self-care is important.


We all have moments of self-pity where we convince ourselves no one cares about us but often those people we haven't heard from are simply going through a hard time of their own. If you haven't heard from someone in a while reach out to them instead of waiting to be contacted.


To all the medical staff around the world, I salute you for your dedication and the difference you make to other's lives.

From Fling to Wedding Ring (Harlequin Medical Romance)

She thinks she wants no strings…

Can sexy surgeon Ben change her mind?

Nurse Mollie Forrester has a reputation as an ice queen, and the scars from a childhood accident have convinced her no man could love her. When she’s paired with handsome surgeon Ben Sheridan in a dance competition, Mollie discovers he’s not the playboy everyone thinks he is. She finds passion in his arms—but can Ben persuade Mollie she’s worthy of love?

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  1. The self-pity advice is good. Empathy is essential, always.

    1. I think we all get caught up in our own lives and it's easy to forget others could be going through the same.

  2. Ooh, this sounds like a good one!

    'Lo, Nas;)

  3. I agree with everyone here. This does sound like a good romance story. I love the idea that the physical scars may mask the scars within. Thanks for sharing this, Nas. Nice to meet you Karin! All the luck with this new release.

  4. truly enjoyed the wise beautiful words above my friend!

    Story sounds delightful and charming with romantic theme

  5. Wise words from Karin. Taking time for ourselves is so important. I am trying to do that more and more. Sounds like an interesting book. Wishing Karin all the best!

  6. Wow...this sounds brilliant!
    Such wisdom in these words...

    Wishing you all the very best, Karin! :))


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