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On taking online courses...

When I raised this question on eHarlequin's subcare forum, I was advised by multi published authors Michelle Stylles and Donna Alward to get Kate Walkers 12 point Guide to Writing Romance. It's a keeper and you can get back to it repeatedly for future reference. After searching through all book shops and libraries in my country and not being able to find, I emailed a UK based friend Dr Karen Hind of WHO, who said she'll get it for me from amazon.
Then I heard about the 3rd edition so I cancelled with my friend and pre-ordered from The Book Depository. Now I'm eagerly waiting for the deliveries. Donna also advised Writing Romance for Dummies by Leslie Wainger.
Now I came across some online workshops so I'm not sure if I should take them..I'm pretty serious about writing and being published so I'm determined, but unfortunately where I live there is no RWA chapter, the nearest is in NZ and Australia...which after getting published I'll be able to afford to join!
The online workshops are here:
If someone checks it out, please advise...Do I take them?


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Wendy's, and I love your previous post about kids and marriage. :)

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about online workshops, but I'm sure they can be useful. I've found a ton of writing advice through other blogs (especially those of literary agents and editors) and through writing books. Best of luck with your writing!

  2. Hi Shelley
    Welcome! Kids do say the most amazing things, don't they? Adorable...
    Have you checked out the link for the workshop I provided...I've also found advice through pub authors site but was still wondering about taking this workshops.

  3. Nas, I suppose it depends on how much experience you have as a writer. I don't think many of us (us = unpublished writers) can say "well I know everything so I don't need to learn any more". We're always learning - from others and from our own writing. I'd say if you're a brand new writer then definitely read as much as you can, books, workshops, blogs, vlogs, conferences. They are all going to help (although you might end up with more questions than you started with, but that's all part of the fun). You're building your knowledge base.

    If the topics outlined for the workshop appeal to you - then go. I suppose that old saying of the more you know, the more you realise you have to learn holds true. Once you have built that knowledge base, you can then apply whatever fits to your writing process, rather than trying to make your process fit into someone else's rules.

    I wish you all the best of luck and let me know what you decide about the workshop.

  4. Hi Elissa, Welcome and thanks for your insight. I'm very grateful for your comments. This particular workshop was titled "Plot is a four letter word."

    I do need to know more about plotting.