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The Pink Heart Society: Thursday Talktime - Teaching

The Pink Heart Society: Thursday Talktime - Teaching: "Kate Walker talks about how she ended up acquiring a reputation for something that she really thought was the last thing she ever wanted to ..."


  1. Lacey, thanks for dropping by. I checked out your place earlier...You know Kate Walker mentioned me! in this blog of hers over at PHS!!
    I feel so honoured.

  2. And teaching is not easy. I once had to tutor a group teens on Programming/Visual Basic.. they didn't want to learn. The parents wanted them to learn. That's a huge difference. But I guess with Kate Walker, her students want to learn! That's again a huge difference.

  3. Hey Nas for some reason Blogger does not show you on my blog then i realized I am not following you *serious head thunk* I thought I was, anyways you won an ebook on my blog congratulations

  4. Hi Joanna, Thanks for popping in with the good news. I'm sooo overjoyed!