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Michelle Douglas


Michelle's Bio


Making up stories of her own has always been one of Michelle's passions. She received her first rejection letter at the age of eight for Keri the Koala Baby, and has been writing ever since. A love of literature led her to major in English at the University of Newcastle.
She has worked an assortment of jobs. Everything from waitress at a wedding convention centre (where the staff oohed and aahed over fairytale wedding dresses) to answering the complaints line at a call centre for a bank (where the staff didn't ooh and aah over fairytale wedding dresses). All of which have provided her with endless ideas (and characters!) for stories.

Her own "happy-ever-after" came in 1998 when she eloped to England with husband Greg. They were married in Westminster—the town hall not the Abbey—lived on tinned soup for a month so they could afford to spend their wedding night in The Dorchester then flew out the next day to honeymoon in Paris. The sheer heady romance of it all made her wonder if she could breathe life into such encounters on the page.
And she hasn't looked back. She loves staring off into the middle-distance, pen in hand, and scrawling away furiously to bring her characters to life. She's a sucker for happy endings, heroines who have a secret stash of chocolate, and heroes who know how to laugh.

She is currently enrolled in a creative writing master's at the University of Newcastle, fighting a losing battle with her jungle of a garden, and trying to keep her doughnut addiction in check.

Michelle loves to hear from her readers and can be contacted at her website.

Fabulous Christmas Book by Michelle Douglas

Christmas at Candlebark Farm
A home for Christmas...
Pregnant Keira Keely is lodging at beautiful Candlebark Farm this holiday season, whilst she organizes a place of her own.
Grumpy owner Luke Hillier seems too caught up in his own troubles to worry about anyone else's. But when Keira has a crisis Luke is amazingly supportive.
Keira's shocked that she actually likes being looked after by gorgeous, gruff Luke. Maybe now he'll let her help him, too... As fairy lights sparkle and Christmas approaches, could Keira have found her perfect home?

You can also read an excerpt of this fabulous Christmas book here.

Over Christmas, CHRISTMAS AT CANDLEBARK FARM was my reading of choice. What an emotion pack read! I simply enjoyed it.

This information is shared from here. You can check out more emotion packed books by Michelle Douglas by visiting her website.

Here are some mysteries solved about Michelle Douglas favourites!

My favourite books about writing are:

GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon
I reach for this book whenever I run into a major roadblock with one of my plots. Or if I’m trying to decide if a new story idea has enough oomph. This book makes me focus my mind in a different way, which is often useful.

Building Better Plots by Robert KernenThis how-to comes with a complete tutorial to help you build a novel from scratch. I’ve never tried completing the full tutorial, but I’ll often use the character questionnaires to really get to know my characters before diving into a new story.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande

This is one of those inspirational books that can restore a writer’s confidence. It tells you that you CAN be a writer (that you are not crazy for wanting to be a writer), and then offers practical advice. (Plus it has a foreword by John Gardner – see below)

Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahanThe subtitle says it all – a guide to writing more descriptively. There are some great exercises and ideas in this book for incorporating all the six senses in your descriptions.

The Art of Fiction by John Gardner
If forced to pick my all-time favourite, it would probably be this one. He’s bossy and authoritative and high-minded, and I don’t agree with everything he says, but whenever I read him, Mr Gardner makes me want to be a better writer.

She loves hearing from readers, so you can always email her.


  1. Happy New Year!!
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  2. Happy New Year to you too, Jupiter Family!

  3. Oh, Nas, I can't believe you've done such a gorgeous post about me! Am feeling touched... and very special. Thank you :-) I'm so pleased you enjoyed Christmas at Candlebark Farm. It's a story that's close to my heart too.

    Merry Christmas, Nas, and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  4. Hello Michelle and a very warm welcome to you.

    I enjoyed "Christmas at Candlebark Farm" tremendously. It is a very warm, touching story. I actually couldn't control my emotions when Keira bridges the emotional gap between Luke and his teenage son. Wow!

    And the Christmas miracle after such emotional roller-coaster!

  5. Nas, great post once again!
    Michelle, your real life romance sounds so beautiful! I have and love Deb Dixon's GMC, but I'll have to check out the other books that you mentioned (as well as yours ;).

    Happy New Year to all!

  6. Hi Rula, thanks for coming by.

  7. Nas, it's funny... after I'd finished the book and then reread it from start to finish before sending it to my editor, I got a lump in my throat during that scene between Luke and his son too. It almost felt as if someone else had written it.

    Rula -- thanks :-) I have to say that I do like my life. And yes, there are a great many fab books out there to improve our writing. One I just finished that I really enjoyed was Getting into Character by Brandilyn Collins. Loved how it made me think about characterisation in a different way.

  8. What a gorgeous interview for a gorgeous woman! I'm pretty lucky to be able to call Michelle a friend, but also, I'm a huge fan. My favourite Michelle Douglas book is His Christmas Angel (the hero is just sublime and the heroine is so fun!), but I'm wondering if Christmas At Candlebark Farm will be a new favourite when I read it...
    Thanks for the interview, Nas!

  9. Aww, Rach, you'll make me blush. I will admit that His Christmas Angel is still my fave of my books, but Candlebark holds a special place for me too.

    And speaking of sublime heroes -- what about your Ryder Bramson from The Billionaire's Beck and Call! Yummy! Loved all the chocolate in that book too :-)

  10. Hi Michelle,

    I totally understand what you said about that scene. As an aspiring writer, I'm supposed to read and dissect scenes...but how can I? When I'm so sentimental and have to reach for tissues!

    And that scene where the ice finally thawed between Luke and his son was one such place.

  11. Hi Rachel,

    A very warm welcome to you! Thanks so much for swinging by.

    And I totall agree with Michelle, Ryder was sublime...I'll let you in a secret, I'm in love with him! Being a billionaire and no arrogance, not beleiving himself capable of love and sooo much in love with Macy! wow!

  12. Looks like a cute book! Especially this time of year. :-)

    Happy New Year, Nas!

  13. Wonderful post. Christmas at Candlebark Farm sounds like a must read! Thanks for the recommended writing books. I can never have too many!

  14. Nas, wonderful interview! BTW, I've named you a Versatile Blogger! Happy New Year:).

  15. Hi Liz, Thanks for coming by. CHRISTMAS AT CANDLEBARK FARM is a heartwarming and very tender family story.

    @Wendy. Hello. Thanks for droping in. I agree with you here...we do keep devouring all the writing books recommended!

    @Maria. Hi, Thanks for naming me Versatile Blogger. I'll come by to pick up the award!

    Happy New Year to you all as well!

  16. Hi Nas! Hi Michelle! Michelle, lovely interview! And congratulations on Christmas at Candlebark Farm. Sounds like a wonderful story! What a great list of how-to books. I LOVE the Dorothea Brande. I think it would be my favourite book about writing. Just about to read it again! I'll have to check out the John Gardner. Thanks for the recommendation! Happy New Year, everyone!

  17. Hi Nas: Thanks for stopping by. I thought I'd check you out too. So nice to meet you.

    It's cold and sunny here and I'm about to make some tea and do bills. Hope you're day is going well. Happy Writing.

  18. Hi Anna,

    I'm so happy you came by. We all extend a very warm welcome to you!

  19. Hello The Happy Whisk,

    Thanks for coming by and for the follow!

  20. Hi to Rachel Bailey,

    A great big thanks for the follow!

  21. Thanks for posting, it was nice to get to know Michelle. :) Hope you have a happy new year!

  22. Hi Shelly, glad you enjoyed our Getting to Know Michelle Douglas!

  23. Nas,you have a lovely warm blog here -- you've made me feel very welcome!

    It's lovely to see the tres chic Ms Campbell dropping in too -- Hi Anna! I remember standing next to Anna in line at the bookstall at the last RWAust conference discussing our favourite How-To Books (we're both addicted to them).

    Wendy, Nas and everyone else who is interested in How-To Writing books, I sometimes find that a book isn't all that helpful, but when I pick it up again 6 -12 months later I'll find a pearl of wisdom in it.

    Would love to know what the best piece of writing advice is that you've ever received :-)

  24. Hi this was a great interview Nas and I loved reading about your favourite writing books Michelle. I'm always looking for ways to make my writing better and it's nice when books come recommended. Candlebark Farm sounds great too, I will be adding that to my TBR list!

  25. Hi Michelle!

    By far, the best piece of writing advice I received is don't write the first thing that comes to mind. Or the second. If the words come too easily they are probably cliche.

  26. Hi Serenity,

    Thanks for coming by and glad you enjoyed Getting to Know Michelle better.

  27. But Wendy, isn't it the exact opposite that my writing advice was to can always go back and layer in/change and add emotions to the story. But write! You can always fix a bad page with something written but do nothing at a blank page!

    Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies by Leslie Wainger, as well as Donald Mass-
    Writing the Breakout Novel

    Then there's the snowflake method here:

  28. Hi Nas!
    I'm guessing it applies to the finished product. However, my writing style is a bit different than most. I can't bring myself to do a dirty draft...and by dirty I don't mean X-rated. I write one day and revise the next before moving on. I usually wind up revising a few more times to get it where I want it. If something cliche comes to mind I usually will not write it down. I force myself to think of another way to say it. I like to have one chapter pretty much set before I move on to the next. It helps me focus on where I'm headed. I know, I go totally against the experts. But I read a quote by a famous author whose name I can't recall right now. But he wrote his rules for writing and rule #1 was: There are no rules. Do what works best for you!!! I embrace that philosophy!

  29. Wendy, that's an interesting piece of advice and as you say -- there are no rules. Everyone's process is different and I think we have to learn to embrace and nurture our process. I am a member of the dirty draft brigade so one of the best pieces of advice I ever received was the same that Nas did -- You can't edit a blank page.

    Truly, though, the more you write the better you get at it :-)

    The other BEST piece of advice I ever received (and a lot of people hate this advice and find it too hard to follow) -- write your book, make it as good as you can and then put it away in a drawer somewhere. Start writing another book, make it as good as you can, and then put it away. THEN pull out the first book again and reread it. With the distance you've gained from being away from it (and from being immersed in another project), you will notice all its imperfections and will be able to fix them before you send it to an editor. As I said, this is really hard advice to follow, but it really does work.

  30. Nas, I meant to say that the snowflake method makes me break out in hives! (But it obviously works for some people :-))

  31. Wendy, I know what you're saying. To a certain extent I'm like that. Revise, before moving forward.

    Michelle, your advise to put it away for a time, really works. What Wendy and I said before that we keep revising, so even in sleep the storyline keeps moving in my head. And if I take time out from it and come back later, I can see it from a distanced perspective and it helps in editing.
    Lol, I remember my business in Auckland, a customer would walk in and the bell would ping...after a while I could here the bell while in shower or while sleeping. The sames happening now with storylines!

  32. Hey, Nas and Michelle!
    Great blog! Christmas at Candlebark Farm sounds like the perfect holiday read - but I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as much when I get to it - even though Christmas is over now! I love your list of fav writing books, Michelle - GMC by Debra Dixon is FANTASTIC! I reach for my copy all the time! And the Dorothea Brande book it terrific, too.
    I'm going to have to put your others on my wish list - do love great books on writing.
    One of my favourites is Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way! And then there's...


  33. Oh, Nas, I had to laugh at your bell pinging whenever the door opened analogy. Sometimes a story is exactly like that, keeps tugging at you and won't let you rest.

    Ooh, Sharon, I've heard a lot about The Artist's Way. Think it might be time I dipped into that one.

  34. Hi Sharon, thanks for coming by! And now we have to add another "how to" book to our list...

    Michelle, the bell thing actually happened, and now the next scene/plot thing is happening!

  35. Great blog! Nice to learn about Michelle!! Interesting about the doughnut addiction. I thought all romance writers were addicted to chocolate :)

  36. Hi Michelle & NAS!
    'You can't edit a blank page.' I will add this to my mantras!

    I also put the completed manuscript away before I do my final edit. Truth be told, I've never made it more than 9 days. Seems I break all the rules!!!

    And Serena, I for one, am addicted to chocolate. When I'm on a roll I need something to feed the muse to keep it going. When I'm in a slump I need something to give her motivation. You see it's all about HER...not me!

  37. Hi Serena, thanks for coming by. I think romance writers are addicted to all things sweet! Hero's included!

    Wendy, so who gains the calories...her or you?!

  38. Hi Nas!
    That's the unfortunate part of the arrangement! My metabolism and I have been fighting for the last year or so. I fear routine exercise is in my future.

  39. LOL, Serena, unfortunately I love chocolate too (as my hips will attest!), but at the very top of my to die for list of sweet things are hot cinammon doughnuts. Sigh.

    Wendy, I often call upon the "you can't edit a blank page" mantra. It kicks me into action :-)

  40. I'm popping in late and there's a party going on here! I hope you all have a fabulous New Years xx

  41. Hi Lacey, you're not late. We started the party early! You are sincerely welcomed by us all here! For me here, today's New Year's eve. So lets party!

    About Wendy: For all those friends who don't know, Wendy is the newest published author of M&B Medical line and her debut release "When One Night Isn't Enough" will be out in early 2011!

  42. Michelle, last Christmas, I was in Sydney and in a Westfield Mall(Liverpool) there we ordered doghnuts, wow! Hot, cinnamon covered, yummy doughnuts! I think it was "Dunkin Doughnuts" or some such name. They made it right in front of us.

    And we absolutely don't get those here in my country...

  43. Happy new year, Lacey! I have to say I'm really looking forward to seeing the New Year in with relaxed company, a glass of bubbles and some sliced watermelon.

    Congratulations on your debut release, Wendy!

    Nas, those doughnuts are to die for aren't they? So warm and fresh and cinammony ... mmm hmm.

  44. I'm filling a huge punch bowl with sliced watermelon, small pieces of pineapple, mango, anyone prefer any other fruits in there before I what would you all prefer?....glasses of bubblies are on the side, so in there something stronger to usher in the New Year!

  45. Ooh, Nas, fruit punch... Hmm... how about adding some strawberries and a splash of white rum? That could get the party humming :-)

  46. Hi Michelle, Hi Nas, so a party is in full swing here! Hmmm...I've just taken out the lemon cake out of the anybody for a piece?

    And my dad's started on the BBQ! So I'll be passing that out as well!

  47. Michelle, I've made all the Christmas roasts Keira made. (So now you know who I am!)
    While reading Christmas at Candlebark Farm, I ached for Keira and Jason. The relatioship between them was so beautiful.

    But I reached half and still wasn't sure if Keira and Luke would be having their HEA! Ohh the tension!

  48. Hi Riya! I know exactly who you are now and I'm hoping you didn't make too much of a mess of your mum's kitchen .

    I really loved the way the relationship developed between Keira and Jason too. I guess they needed each other. As for Keira and Luke, what's a good romance without tension :-)

    Ooh, and yes please to a slice of your lemon cake (is the recipe a secret? I'll swap my ANZAC biscuit recipe for your lemon cake recipe ;-) ) Happy New Year!

  49. Hey, what's my Pussycat doing in here? Ok, you can hang out with us but you won't be served with our rum punch and bubblies as you are still shy of your drinking age!

    Good on you for guessing correctly, Michelle!

    I'm someone's centre of gravity, so I had to be near him at the BBQ! So all done now. Everythings spick and span after all the baking and cooking as my Pussycat cleans up real good.

    Now we can begin the feasting!

    Happy New Years eve!

  50. Lovely party, Nas -- thanks for hosting :-)

    And wishing everyone the most fabulous 2011 -- a year for family and friends, love and laughter, and for dreams coming true!

  51. Thank you Michelle, for being here with us. And thanks to all friends for participating!

    Happy New Year to everyone!