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Get to know Rachel Bailey better!

About Rachel          

I live with my own personal hero and four dogs on the east coast of Australia. Our house is on my dream property – 10 acres of native trees on the side of a hill, within driving distance to the beach.

At school, I wasn’t particularly interested in writing or English. Science was my favourite subject and I took chemistry, physics and biology. My mother still teases me that I’d take my science textbooks away on holidays with us.

After school, I enrolled in a science degree (of course) but impulsively changed to an arts degree on the first day. I double majored in psychology and went on to do a second degree, this time in social work.

I loved practicing social work, but now have the perfect job – I spend my days in the peace and quiet of my trees, surrounded by my dogs, making up stories for a living.


As a teenager, I was a voracious reader of science fiction, until one day when I was 16, I saw Pride and Prejudice on television. The old version with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. I adored it. I’d seen it in the TV guide and, since I had a crush on Laurence Olivier after seeing him in Henry IV, I’d taped it.

I watched that tape so often I can still recite most of the dialogue by heart. I sought out the book, devoured it, then found every other Jane Austen book and read and reread them frequently. I only discovered romance as a genre about four years ago. Imagine my delight when I first read modern versions of Jane Austen!

Now I read most subgenres of romance, from category to historical to romantic comedy. Such a banquet!


TV shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is a god.

West Wing. Great writing, great acting, great everything.

Singer: Josh Groban. He gives me goosebumps.

Food: Chocolate. Soft, so it coats my tastebuds.

Restaurants: Indian and Thai.

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc. Preferably from NZ’s Villa Maria – since I visited that winery, I’ve barely drunk anything else.

Authors: Jenny Crusie and Jane Austen. Both have fabulous wit, sparkling dialogue, great characters and happily ever afters.

Season: Spring. It’s not too hot, not too cold.

Flower: Lily. Any and all types.


During my unpublished years, I won the following:
I also had various placings in contests and awards.

With permission, this information is shared from here. She loves hearing from readers, so email her!

Corporate raider takes contract wife

In a merger tailor-made for the tabloids, tycoon Ryder Bramson sought Macy Ashley’s hand in marriage. But his true goal was to buy her father’s company—and thereby wrest control of his own conglomerate from his illegitimate brothers. To ensnare Macy in his web of intrigue, Ryder first offered the beautiful businesswoman a job in his start-up. Yet slipping the ring on her finger proved more difficult.


 The S-Factor: Sizzling and Sexy. 5 hearts.
Another fabulous love story from Desire author Rachel Bailey. Chocolate, a beautiful woman and a sexy CEO, her boss with an agenda. Talk about one steamy and roller coaster romance!

As emotional as At the Billionaire's Beck and Call was to read , I loved author Rachel Bailey's, Ryder Bramson. He knew what he wanted and he went after it, and that was Macy. However, I prayed in the end he would realize how much he loved her and what a special life they would share together. Happy endings are what make the perfect romance and you won't want to miss reading Macy's and Ryder's story.
Reviewed by Marilyn of Pink Heart Society.

Recently I read AT THE BILLIONAIRE'S BECK AND CALL and reading about all those chocolates made me go "yum" so I went to check the story behind the book, as told by Rachel Bailey:

Behind the Book

At the Billionaire's Beck and Call

So, I needed to give Ryder and Macy a company. Ryder owns lots of companies, and Macy has worked her way up through a variety of them too. But Ryder needed one company in particular to entice Macy to work for him... I don't know about you, but I find that most everyday questions can be answered by
Q: What can I do to unwind? A: Chocolate.

Q: How to butter up my sister into doing me a favour? A: Chocolate truffles.

Q: What will I get my dog, Oliver, for Christmas? A: Dog chocolate.

Q: What would entice my other half to make me his special chocolate chilli cake? A: Surprise chocolate coated almonds.


  1. Today we will be welcoming Rachel Bailey and talk about her billionaires.

    So we extend a warm welcome to Rachel Bailey.

  2. Thanks for inviting me, Nas! Looking forward to chatting today. I might have to nibble on a bit of chocolate while we're here. Just to be authentic, naturally.

  3. Yay for chocolate! And the area where you live sounds amazing. Happy new year!

  4. Hi Julie - yes, yay for chocolate! =)

    I *love* where I live. We'd wanted to move here for a while before we were able to, and even after 10 years, we're still grateful to be here.

    Happy new year!

  5. Congrats to Rachel on all her success. I'm off to find some chocolate...

  6. Thanks for the congrats, Lacey! And make sure it's nice chocolate / your favourite kind. Life's too short to waste on bad chocolate. ;)

  7. What a great post, Nas! Don't you find that Rachel's books are every bit as smooth and wicked as fine chocolate?

    Ryder + Macy + Chocolate = Divine

    Rachel, you already know how much I love Ryder. In fact, I think he may be even more delicious than chocolate :-) I can't wait to get my hands on Million Dollar Amnesiac Scandal. I have a feeling that Seth is going to be every bit as scrumptious as his half-brother!

  8. Hi Rachel, thanks for coming in. Sorry about me MIC folks, I was in power outtage!

    Yum! chocolates!


    hi, thanks for coming by. I also envy her the romantic setting within driving distance to the any romantic walks in moonlight, Rachel?

  9. Hi Lacey, thanks for coming, enjoy the chocolate, which do you prefer white or dark chocolate?

  10. Hello Michelle, like I said apart from all those sensual feeding of chocolate Macy did to Ryder, I love Ryder.

    He's a billionaire but not arrogant, beleives himself incapable of love yet so much in love with Macy!

  11. Hey, Nas and Rachel!
    Love this chocolate-laden blog!
    Mmmm, as soon as I comment, I'm off to the kitchen to make another batch of chocolate truffles while I can still use the excuse of the festive season! ;)

    Congratulations, Rachel - Ryder and Macy's story is just delicious!

  12. Wow, Rachel! What a beautiful home you must have! Sounds amazing. Congrats on your success.

    These are such interesting posts, Nas. Thanks for sharing them.

    Happy new Year to you both! :)

  13. Hi Sharon, welcome! Thanks for dropping in.

    We'd love the chocolate truffles, pass some please?

  14. Hello Pk Hrezo,

    You welcome. Glad you enjoy our Getting to Know Rachel Bailey and her chocolate laden book!

  15. Hi Rachel, Hi Nas, oooh, chocolate! My chocolates go in the microwave for just a few seconds in a small saucer and I use a spoon to eat! Yummy! That's just the way I like it!

    Reading, At the Billionaire's Beck and Call, I kept craving for chocolates! As the reader before me finished all the chocolates in the house!

  16. Michelle, you're too sweet. =)

    Oh, I can't wait to get copies of Ryder's brother's book too. My author copies should be arriving any day now. Seth was different to Ryder, but I love him as much. Ryder went straight after what he wanted -- Macy -- but Seth has this unshakable need to do the right thing, to be noble. And boy does that cause him some problems when he meets his heroine!

  17. Nas, shame about your power outtage - we get lots of them here too. Especially lately with all the rain Queensland has been having (parts of the state are completely flooded!).

    Romantic walks on the beach in the moonlight? Not really, but dh and I are both mesmerized by the moon and often stand on our deck together to look at it. Just as romantic for us. :)

  18. Sharon, so sweet of you to say the story was delicious. And that's partly thanks to you! (Sharon is one of my critique partners, so she read Macy and Ryder's story chapter by chapter as I wrote it. She's invaluable!)

    Do you think any of those truffles would survive the journey from one end of the country to the other? Coz I think I'm just in the mood for one...

  19. Pk Hrezo, we love our home! Our little sanctuary from the world. And being an author means I work from home and I can spend all day among the trees with my four dogs. Pretty lucky, huh?

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  20. Riya, that's a great tip about the microwave. A couple of weeks ago, dh was away, so I curled up in front of the tv to watch North & South (again!) and needed some nibbles. I popped a batch of popcorn, and melted a block of chocolate, then mixed the two together. Perfect munching food!

    Very annoying that the reader before you finished the chocolates in the house. I hope you've found more since then? Ryder's brother Seth has his story out soon, and there's not much chocolate at all (maybe a choc dipped strawberry or two), so you should be safe for that one. ;)

  21. Hi Rachel, you have the legendary Sharon Archer as a critique partner? Lucky you!
    And so romantic to stand outside and watch the moonlight with your love!

    @Riya, hi, now you know some other ways to eat chocolate, melted on popcorns!

  22. Hi Nas and Rachel. Great interview. Rachel - I adore Joss Whedon! *bows down*. I love Buffy and we're just in the process of finishing off the fifth series of Angel for the gazillionth time. Have you watched Firefly? Don't you just love Mal? Am also a West Wing fan, Aaron Sorkin rules. Not quite sure whether I prefer his or Josh's writing but they're both fantastic! Good luck with the writing, At the Billionaire's Beck and Call is now on my TBR list!

  23. Hi Serenity,

    Thanks for coming in. I'm so glad you liked our Rachel Bailey interview and her chocolate laden At the Billionaire's Beck and Call!

    And you have so much in common with Rachel!

  24. Nas, Sharon is indeed very cool. And reading her books as she writes them is a real treat!

  25. Hi Serenity! Very cool name for a Joss Whedon fan. :) Yep, love Firefly and Cap'n Mal. Nathan Fillion + Joss Whedon's dialogue = heaven.

    Hope you enjoy Ryder and Macy's story!

  26. Lovely interview! I am envious of your 10 acres!!:-)

  27. Great interview Nas and Rachel! Your book sounds yummy, Rachel. I woke up to this post and now I think I'll be having chocolate for breakfast ;).

  28. Hi Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

    I'm also sooo envious of Rachel's ten acres, and within driving distance to the sea!

    You know I also don't like my house to be next to a road, so when we were looking for land, we found a spot with a private driveaway going up to the top of a plateau with one side sheer drop, nobody was interested in that plot as it was not next to the road but for me it was just perfect! We put chain-link fencing and the sheer drop means no nosy neighbours and good for watching sunsets. Good unhindered view!

  29. Good morning Rula, glad you enjoyed reading about Rachel Bailey!

    And chocolates for breakfast? Yum!

  30. What a great interview! I am craving chocolate now, I wonder why.
    The book sounds amazing and I would love to visit Sydney someday. It's on my list of traveling destinations!

  31. Liz, the 10 acres are fabulous. We used to live in a capital city and our block was tiny. Basically wide enough for the tiny house with a bit at the front for the car and a bit at the back for the clothes line. So you can imagine why extra land and trees were our dream. :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  32. Rula, you can't *just* have chocolate for breakfast... what you need is a chocolate croissant, or some chocolate French toast, or some chocolate waffles... ;)

  33. Nas, I'd be buying that same property you did - away from the road, the lovely steep drop to give you some privacy. Gorgeous! We have a bit of a drop at the front of our house too, so people can only access us from one place. I like that. :)

    You'll have to post a picture of a sunset from your spot!

  34. Lydia, Sydney is a great place to visit. I have a long list of travel destinations too - most of them outside Australia, but there are a few places inside Oz that I haven't been to yet, like Tasmania and Western Australia.

    Hope you found something for that chocolate craving!

  35. Hi Rachel, someday I will post a picture of the sunset view from my place :)

  36. Hi Lydia, Australia is a nice place to visit. I've been there many times but have yet to see Tasmania, Alice Springs, The Ayers Rock. These all are part of my list to see places!

  37. Rachel, these wicked little truffles need to be refrigerated so there's no chance of posting a batch - but I'd be sure to whip up a batch in your honour if you're down for a visit! (tiny hint! ;)

    Shucks, Nas, you're making me blush! Hey, if you can, try to put the North West on your visit list for Australia. It's a stunning area.



  38. Hi Sharon, I like to read Medicals and when it said on the cover Australian Author/New Zealand Author, I would pick up that book...I don't really know the reason why... and the name Sharon Archer was one that I knew from before I started lurking around on forums!

    And I'd like to visit the North West of Australia, so someday I might, thanks for the invitation! :)

  39. You had me at chocolate... =) Great interview, Ladies!

  40. Hi Bronwyn, thanks for dropping in. So another chocolate lover? Join the club!

    I'm glad you liked the interview!

  41. oh my goodness! now i want chocolate.
    Can't wait to drool over this book

  42. Hi Jo,

    Hello, this happens to be one chocolate laden book. When you pick up "AT THE BILLIONAIRE'S BECK AND CALL" make sure you have plenty chocolate on hand!

  43. Sharon, those truffles almost look enough enticement to make the journey across half the continent...

  44. Bronwyn, funny how chocolate has that ability, hey? ;)

  45. Jo, I always seem to want chocolate. Wonder when it becomes an addiction...? =) Hope you enjoy the book!

  46. Hello Friends,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that one of our blogging friend has come up with a series "Wednesday Warriors- Tales of The Unpubbed" and she has kindly asked me to be her guest next Wednesday 12th January to show my battle scars! God, these scars hurt, how can I show them? But being a warrior, I'll have to show up! Check out this week's warrior(1st in the series):

  47. Great interview Rachel - anytime I see the words chocolate and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I know I've found a kindred spirit!

    Yes, yes Nas will be with me next week!! Make sure you come and check her out next Wednesday on my blog. She's going to open those deep wounds for us so we can get to know her a little better :-)

  48. Interesting post! It was nice to get to know Rachel -- thanks! :)

  49. Hi Shelly,

    Glad you enjoyed our Getting To Know Rachel Bailey better!

  50. Hello Melinda,

    Glad you dropped by to check out Rachel Bailey's interview!

    And thanks for inviting me to be your guest on Wednesday!

  51. Loved learning all about Rachel! I'm a fellow chocolate lover, as well:).

  52. Hi Maria, thanks for swinging by!

  53. Melinda, yes, chocolate and Buffy the Vampire Slayer kinda say it all, don't they?

    Will keep an eye out for your blog post on Wednesday!

  54. Shelley, thanks for dropping by! Glad you thought it was interesting, but then again, chocolate is always interesting. =)

  55. Maria, you're a fellow chocolate lover? Another kindred spirit! Hope you have some good chocolate at home. :)

  56. We would like to thank Rachel Bailey for being with us. It's been great getting to learn about you and the chocolate laden journey was fantastic!

    And thanks to all friends as well!