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Donna Alward with TWO books for you!

Today we have Canadian author Donna Alward with us and she's got two books for you! Yes! Two! SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, for free on kindle. Check it out at amazon! And HIRED BY THE COWBOY, by going to and downloading it from there.

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So over to Donna now....

Hey all - I'm really thrilled to be here at Romance Book Paradise this week! Especially since I have two new releases out at once - first time that's ever happened, and it's a bit crazy and wonderful all at once.

What's kind of cool is that they are two very different stories - HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART is the latest Larch Valley story from Harlequin Romance. A spunky cowgirl and a gorgeous rancher - a real friends-to-lovers story with a big emotional twist. It totally stands alone, but you do get to revisit some past couples from Larch Valley in the supporting cast. :-) And this is my favourite cover to date too - isn't it pretty?

And I have my novella, OFF THE CLOCK releasing in e-book from Samhain Publishing. It's another old flame/friends-to-lovers story but set in the beautiful Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia - one of my favourite places to visit. It's the first of a series of novellas about First Responders and has a very sexy paramedic named Gabe Brenner who turns Carly's life upside down. This idea came to me when I heard about a friend who had been in a car accident and she told me about how she was rescued from the wreck. It took me a while to come up with the right story for the idea, but I had a lot of fun writing it!

I like to think that both stories, while different, feature the same emotional, feel-good romance that my readers have come to expect. And here's some good news: you can give both styles a try for FREE. Try my Harlequin Romance, HIRED BY THE COWBOY, by going to and downloading it there. And until October 14 you can try my EPPIE nominated Samhain title, SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, for free on kindle. Check it out at amazon!

How do you like your stories - on the sweeter side or a little sassier?

And a big thanks to Nas for having me here today!


Thank you Donna for sharing with us about your books and for the links to the free books!

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  1. Donna-Love your stories. They both sound wonderful.

    Nas-thanks for having Donna on your blog.

  2. Congratulations on your two new releases, Donna.
    I read and enjoy both sweet and sassy romances. Mostly it depends on my mood at the time. The heat level doesn't matter as much as having two characters I can relate to and care about during the course of the story.

  3. Donna, I'd love it if in a few months you were to return to Nas' blog to share what it's like to promote two books at once--what you liked best about it and what was extra crazy-busy. Congratulations on your double releases!

  4. It's pretty cool to have two books out at the same time, Donna. Wishing you success with getting the word out.

  5. Hello @Donna Sheilds! You welcome, thanks for coming by to read this post. I do hope you'll download both the books?

    Hi Shelley, I also read and enjoy Sweet as well as Sexy/Sassy stories!

    I was quoted on RT Magazine, on 'WHY SWEET ROMANCES WORK' curtesy of Donna Alward. The link is on the sidebar top-right.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I also extend the invitation to Donna Alward to come in and let us know how she managed these crazy days of promoting two books at once. She must be walking on the air at the moment or really tired!

    Hi JL, thanks for coming!

  7. Donna! You're back in the Maritimes, eh? My sole relative in Alberta says it's a great place to work, but you wouldn't want to live there. But he's not a cowboy, so what would he know? LOL

    Have to confess, I like the sweet ones, probably because they're so far removed from most of what I encounter elsewhere.

  8. Oh, give me some sass any day!

    Congrats on your two releases!

  9. Hi Donna!
    I like my stories on the sassier side! I didn't know you also write for Samhein. Thanks for letting us know about your free reads. I will have to check them out!

  10. Hey all - quick fly by but I'll be in later - it's Canadian Thanksgiving and I JUST got back from my mother in law's for the weekend. I have turkey brain...

    Back in a bit...

  11. Hi Donna - thanks for stopping in today!

    Shelley - me too! I read varied heat levels, but the key for me is caring about the characters!

    Michelle - I'd love to come back if Nas will have me, and talk about promotion (and what it's like to promote 2 books and 2 free reads during the same month!)!

  12. J.L. - thanks - getting the word out has been kind of crazy, but wonderful.

    Nas - yay for including the link to the article! I was so glad you helped us out.

    Also - walking on air and really tired are not two mutually exclusive conditions! I find I'm both a good part of the time these days - I'm also working on a new story this month. :-)

  13. Talei - lol at sass!

    Wendy - this is my 5th title for Samhain. Two very different publishing experiences (HQ and Samhain) with neat things in both that I think make me a better writer all around. I get to explore a slightly different side with my Samhain titles, but writing for Romance also feels a lot like being "home". I think doing both is really good for me as a writer. :-)

  14. Hi Nas. Hi Donna.
    Two books at once is wonderful. I am curious that they are offered for free for a short time and I wonder if that increases your readership? Good luck on both books.
    N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author

  15. Hi, Donna! I'm a huge fan of the sweeter side romances--yours especially!
    Both your covers are lovely!

  16. All success to Donna. Your books sound wonderful. Will have to add them to my list.

  17. Hi Donna,

    Happy Thanksgiving :) Great to meet you at Nas's!

    I love both sweet and sassy depending on my mood ;)

    Double Congrats for your releases!!!

  18. Ooh, novels set in Canada, yay! Says this Montrealer :-)
    Hmm, I think I prefer sweet. Unless the sassiness comes from how the characters *are* rather than author manipulation. I mean, Claire Fraser of the Outlander books can be both sassy and sweet!

  19. These books sound fabulous.
    I like sweet AND sassy ;)

  20. I like both sassy & sweet! Both books sound terrific. Off to check them out... :)

  21. I enjoy both sweet and sassy, but I prefer sassy. :)

    How exciting to have these projects out. Congrats, Donna.

    I'll check out the links, Nas.

  22. I love a good story--sweet or sassy.

    Nice to meet you, Donna!

  23. Great post. Now, do I like the sweet or the sassy? I think it depends on the day. I don't read much romance, very little in fact. But, I hope she has a lot of success with her books.

  24. Wow, look at the great comments since i was in last night! I think a lot of people don't mind sweet or sassy as long as they care about the characters and the book has a pace that pulls them along. I do think sometimes you can have great fun with sexual tension in a sweeter story because there's all that anticipation. But I also like writing slightly sexier stuff too. After all that anticipation, it's nice to get some gratification in the end too. :-)

  25. It's interesting to find out about another talented Canadian writer. Thank you for the tip.

  26. Hi Donna! Hi Nas! I like my stories sweet with stunning settings and Nova Scotia sounds just that.


  27. Oh, don't make me choose between sweet and sassy! Depends on the day, my mood, how recently I had chocolate... so many things!

  28. I do like stories with nice sweet endings, I have to admit.

  29. Oooooh! Heading over to check out the books. ^_^

  30. Give me the sassy side every time!

  31. Awesome books! Congrats on the releases!

  32. Those books look nice. Thanks Donna, for hosting this.

  33. Yay Donna! I'm a big fan of sassy novels. :)

  34. Thank you to all my lovely friends who came along and commented! You all are deeply appreciated. Hope you'll took advantage nd got Donna Alward's books?

    And thanks to lovey Harlequin Romance Author for giving us her time and chatting with us here!

  35. Wow! Missed! Ok, thanks to,

    Lovely Harlequin Romance Author Donna Alward for taking time out from her busy schedule and chat with us here!

  36. Thanks Nas - it was fun!

    It looks like a lot of people prefer the sassy...I will say that my "sweet" books aren't necessarily sweet as, well, I think emotion is messy. LOL. But they are on the gentler side for the sensuality level, lol!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!