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Nina Jade Singer, author of Secret of the Knight & Giveaways!

Today we welcome paranormal author Nina Jade Singer to Romance Book Paradise and she came bearing gifts! But before we give over to her, check this blogs sidebars for links to Helen Lacey's Celebration tour for mega giveaways! And there are still more places to visit and more books to win with Tracy Sumner!
Now over to Nina...
The Excitement of Books – Nina Jade Singer
Hello everyone. I’m thrilled to be here at Romance Book Paradise. I recently celebrated the release of my first novel, Secrets of the Knight, from Crescent Moon Press.
Just today, I rediscovered the excitement of reading while assisting in a fifth grade class. A part of their day was spent on what the teacher called ‘Book Talks’. These were mini presentations the kids gave about a book they’d recently read that they wanted to tell their classmates about. I have to tell you, for 5th graders, they were quite impressive. These kids all did a great job of bringing the story to life for their classmates. Amazingly, not one child looked bored or distracted. That’s excitement.
Watching these presentations reminded me how much pleasure a book can provide. I thought about all the books I would love to do a ‘Book Talk’ on, too many to count. Sure, I belong to a book club. But the task of picking one book every few months is almost agonizing for me. There are so many I’d like to recommend to others, so many that I know they will enjoy because they’ve brought so much joy to me.
Please read on and I’ll tell you a little about my own book, Secrets of the Knight. I’d love to hear your comments.

Several years ago life forced Thomas (Bo) Bowden to give up everything, including the woman he loves, and take refuge on a Caribbean island. Little did he know, he was taking the first step to fulfilling his mystical destiny.

Nicole Balian has come to the small island of Trenado to find a missing teenager. She's shocked to the core to find her former lover instead. And the attraction between her and Bo is as strong as ever.

Working together to solve the unexplained disappearances plaguing the island, they find themselves in a frightening world of voodoo and magic. Trenado's history is shrouded in supernatural mystery. The danger they face serves to reignite their love. But as Bo fights an ancient evil that haunts the island, will Nicole be able to save the man she loves? Or will she lose him once again, this time forever?

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About Nina Jade Singer:
I've always loved stories of the supernatural. With mystery,  suspense, and a good dose of romance.
After years in the corporate world, I had to start writing my own such stories. And I had to do it New England - near mystical Salem, Mass.

Nina on the Web:
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One lucky commenter will receive Secrets of The Knight. Followers and commenter’s of the blog tour will go in the grand draw of an Amazon Gift Certificate of US$100.00!

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  1. Hi Nina,

    Great to meet you at Nas'. Book Talk sounds like a fun thing to do :) I am all for introducing children to books! I was/am a bookworm myself (btw, my grandma named me that!)

    And yeah, picking a single book out of so many is so tough :)

  2. You had me at "Caribbean Island!" :-)
    I think your book sounds fun and intriguing.
    My middle grade novel, The Christmas Village, came out this past fall, and I had a ball reading from it and talking with kids in the 3rd to 5th grades. They were SO engaged.

  3. Hello Ju!

    You're back! I hope you enjoyed your vacation time? Thank you for coming along!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Congrats on your release! You do the most sweetest thing ever- writing for young ones! And then connecting with them by reading to them. Thank you for coming along!

  5. Hi, Nina,

    The island/supernatural/suspense angle makes this sound like an intriguing read.

  6. Hi Chey, thank you!

    Hello Joy, it is an intriguing book! Thanks for coming along!

  7. Hello Nas. Hello Nina Jade. This was great. I loved hearing about your school experience. Nothing like seeing children delving into books.

    Did I wish you a happy New Year yet Nas? If I didn't, have a great 2012 and may we continue to enjoy our interaction.


  8. Hi Nina, your books sounds intriguing.

    I love the sound of getting kids excited about reading. :-)

  9. Hi Nina,
    Your book sounds FABULOUS!! I can't wait to read it! And I'm looking forward to having you as my special guest on my own blog tomorrow! All arranged by the lovely Nas.

  10. I'm becoming intrigued by this book the more I read about it. In paranormal romance, how much importance does one give to the main characters? I would imagine that the paranormal world is the main work of the author rather than the characters? Am I wrong?

  11. Hi Ju,
    I've also been called a bookworm by some of those closest to me! Thanks for you comment.

  12. Hi Melissa.
    I'm so glad you stopped by. Congrats on your release of the Christmas Village recently.

  13. Hey Nas
    Thanks for having me today!

  14. HI Chey
    I'm so glad you stopped by and thanks for the lovely comment!

  15. Hi JL
    Thank you for stopping by. I'm so glad you think the book sounds intriguing.

  16. Hi Denise,
    It really was something to watch those kids talk about books. I'm so glad you stopped by to read the post and commented.

  17. Hi Misha
    Thanks for stopping by and reading the post. I appreciate your comment.

  18. Hi Serena
    I'm looking forward to being your guest tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Hi Maria
    Interesting question. I guess I don't see writing paranormal as all that different in terms of character than say contemporary. I try to make my characters come alive in the worlds I've placed them in. And then I throw a bunch of stuff at them to deal with. Mine happen to have to deal with witches, vampires, and sorceresses. Hope that makes sense!!
    Thank you for stopping by!

  20. Congratulations on your book release, Nina!

    I taught elementary school for almost 20 years. Book Talk was always my favorite part of the week. The excitement certain books caused was fantastic. I loved it when a book would be passed around the class based on Book Talk recommendations.

  21. I'm halfway through reading Secrets of the Knight and I have to say I'm truly loving it. I love the atmosphere, the characters and the whole story.

  22. Hi Sharon,
    Wow. Twenty years of teaching. Kudos! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the post.

  23. Hi Lynda
    Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying Secrets!

  24. Hi Nina and Nas. Nina, your book sounds fabulous. Am just about to fire up my Kindle. I wish you wonderful sales on your debut novel.

  25. Good luck with it, Nina! An intriguing cover, and the story line sounds fascinating, too. Is it related to voodoo?

  26. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments!

  27. Hi Azarimba,
    Thank you for reading the post. There are definitely voodoo elements in Secrets. I appreciate the comment!

  28. Hi Nina.

    I loved reading your Secret's of The Knight!

    It had all the elements I like- mystery, thrill, adventure and romance!

    Thank you.

  29. Congratulations on your book release, Nina! And ooh, you're braving, giving a talk in front of a crowd. Kids or adults, I could never do it :-)

  30. Youre so right. Im there with you. Your blog is definitely worth a read if anybody comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive obtained a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You absolutely put it in perspective for me.