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Maisey Yates, The Couple Who Fooled The World Giveaway!

We have USA Bestselling author Maisey Yates and she's got a kindle copy of The Couple Who Fooled the World for one commenter!

Maisey on the web:

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Over to Maisey now...

What do you love most about writing for Harlequin Presents?
The conflict. Lots of scope for angst and very dark heroes. 
What do you think makes a good story?
The characters. If I connect with the characters, then I'm excited to go on their journey with them. 
You write about exotic places in Presents – what is your ideal holiday destination?
I really want to go to Italy someday. That's a dream of mine. 
Anywhere you haven’t travelled you would like to go?
So many places. England, Paris, Ireland…I have a big list. 
What one item do you always pack when you travel?
My laptop! Boring, I know.
Tell us a little about your current release...
The Couple Who Fooled the World is like if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were a hot guy and a hot girl who had a hate/lust thing happening. ;) Seriously, Ferro is a very tortured hero, and Julia is a very fun, different heroine. And he buys her a giant metal salmon. And puts it in her office without permission. What's not to love ?

The Couple Who Fooled the World

The true meaning of keep your enemies close…
Most women would kill to be on Ferro Calvaresi’s arm. The enigmatic Italian is one of the richest men in the world and at the top of his business game. Julia Anderson is not most women. She’s as rich as Ferro and twice as hungry.
The only way to seal a major deal is for these two rivals to play nicely…together. Yet neither expected the media to soak up their ruse so quickly or so publicly! But when the deal is won, are the world’s hottest new couple beginning to believe their own lie?

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  1. I have a long list of places I'd love to visit, too. Great to meet you.

    Hi, Nas!

  2. I swear, the more places I visit, the longer my travel wish list gets :) It's a good thing, I think! Fun interview :)

  3. A giant metal salmon! that's awesome! I'll have to find out about that!!! :)

  4. Love your work. How about a location closer to your big backyard? Yosemite!

  5. Nothing boring about always packing your laptop. :)

  6. A giant metal salmon, huh? Therein lies a tale. (Or should I say... tail?) Sounds intriguing.

    Fun interview, ladies.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Nas, Hi Maisey. Maisey, I'm new to your work (like in the last year or so) and every book I read just gets more and more amazing. I've had to change my top 5 list to my top 6. How different would the world be if Bill Gates was hot. I have this on my TBR list and cant wait to get to it.

  9. LOL - my travel list is never ending. I really like the premise of your book. The title is a bit different for Harlequin too :)

    1. :D thanks Shelley! And yeah, it never ends.

  10. Laptop before makeup. My motto. Guess I'm a little boring as well, but I bet we enjoy having that wonderful tool along on any trip.

  11. I can see why a laptop would be a must have on a trip! I have a long list of places I would like to travel to as well. I just need to win the lotto to make it to all of them. :)

    Sounds like an interesting book!

  12. I like the premise of the story!

  13. My laptop is my best friend. Says a lot about me, I guess.

  14. If I didn't mind packing a little bit more, I'd love to take my laptop.

    I love the description of this novel.

  15. Sounds like a good story premise, Maisey!

    I've got quite a list of places I'd like to travel to as well, including those you've listed.

  16. Congratulations to Jemi Fraser. Please email me at You've been chosen the winner of this contest.

    Thanks to all my friends for coming along!


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