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Spotlight on Melanie Milburne, The Venetian One-Night Baby + Giveaway!

This week our Spotlight is on: Melanie Milburne and her new book, The Venetian One- Night Baby. She also has a kindle copy of the book to giveaway!

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When did you first decide to become a writer?
As soon as I learnt to read at the age of five, I wanted to be a writer. I found it so amazing that a series of words on a page could take me on a journey to other places and meet interesting people, even if in those very early days it was only Dick and Jane and Spot the dog!

How long does it take you to write a book?
I seem to be taking longer and longer these days. It used to take me four to six weeks to get a rough draft done, but now I can take up to three months or more. It does rather depend on the book. Some are like downloads into my brain, others are like solving a complicated puzzle. It takes me a bit longer to get the pieces in all the right places!

What is your work schedule like when you’re in the middle of a book?
I am pretty disciplined and aim for 2000 words a day five days a week. That gives me the weekend off and I find I need that to allow processing and reflecting time. If I have a 500-word day then I try and make it up, or conversely, if I have 3000- or 4000-word day then I know I can have an easier day somewhere else. I try to keep other distractions to a minimum like appointments and so on so I have plenty of block time. I can’t write in fits and starts. It doesn’t suit my process.

Tell us about your book

The Venetian One-Night Baby is a story about two people, Max Firbank and Sabrina Midhurst, who have strenuously resisted being matchmade all their lives by their respective parents. But after a chance encounter in Venice, where they spend the night together, they find they are expecting a baby.
I really wanted to write a story where the hero and heroine came from loving and secure backgrounds for a change. It was a fun book to write and I hope my readers enjoy it too.

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  1. I loved that book. 5 stars. You made it such a wonderful read. Thank you

    1. Hi Patty,
      Thanks so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Nice interview and the book sounds great.

  3. Wonderful interview, sounds like a great book. Hugs, Valerie

  4. The book sounds like a good read. Much better than my original thought- I read give away into the title. Venetian One-Night Baby Give Away-- that's a story that had me scratching my head. Then I got it sorted it. It's late. My poor brain is tired and playing tricks on me!

  5. Ha ha- you’re not the only one with a tired brain,Elizabeth!
    Thanks for posting.😀

  6. 6 months or more to write a book sounds about fair. I could imagine it taking me a lot longer than that. lol

  7. This sounds like a lovely read.

    Hi, Nas:)

  8. Sounds good, but man, anyone who can write a book that quickly makes me feel woefully inadequate. :)

  9. Love reading Melanie Milburne's books. Secret baby trope is my fav and this sounds really good.
    *hugs* Kristine

  10. It is impressive how many books you put out! That discipline is paying off!

  11. Congrats, Melanie!
    Thanks for the beautiful post.


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