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In Sandra Hyatt's Memory

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Today's post is on ....


Sandra passed away suddenly in August and her seventh book, LESSONS IN SEDUCTION, is a December release. The romance community is wonderfully supportive and her writing friends are asking you to buy her book and increase royalties for her family.

It’s a wonderful book from a wonderful writer. Sandra was a USA Today bestseller, Rita finalist and is also a nominee for Romantic Times best Desire of 2011.

Romantic Times gives Lessons In Seduction its top grade of 4.5 stars.
 Reviewer Pat Cooper says: "A charming and sexy takeoff on the movie 
Sabrina, Hyatt's chauffeur's daughter is not only not looking to  hook up with a prince, she's actively helping him find the right  woman - and her prince is just priceless in his cluelessness ...Readers are the ones scoring the  hit when they pick this one up, and it's a shame that Hyatt's  passing is going to deny them more tales like this one.”

A prince on a quest to find the perfect wife doesn't have time to trifle with a commoner. But Adam Marconi's longtime friend and sometime driver, Danielle St. Claire, has him contemplating a change in plans. Why can't the royal have a little fun before finally settling down? Then their supposedly quick affair suddenly turns
And Prince Adam finds himself in a quandary. Say goodbye to the one woman who sets his heart and body on fire, or defy all the rules and cause the scandal of the century.

Lessons in Seduction is number three of a royals trilogy. 

And if you're in the mood for a fabulous Christmas novella try Sandra's RITA finaling Mistletoe Magic (published in Under The Millionaire's Mistletoe with Maureen Child). E-book: 

Buy Lessons in Seduction:

Through Harlequin
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Through Amazon
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Through:  Book Depository  

Thanks so much for supporting Lessons In Seduction. Sandra once wrote in a Christmas blog: “Whatever your religious persuasion it never hurts to stop and count your blessings and the gifts in your life.” She was one in ours.

If you're interested in learning more about the Sandra Hyatt Memorial Trust which aims to develop emerging romance writers, please visit


  1. Lessons in Seduction sounds a wonderful story. It will definitely go on my list to buy.

  2. Nas, thank you so much for remembering Sandra. She is greatly missed!

    That photo was taken after lunch in Auckland on the day the RITAs were announced--Sandra was up for a RITA for her Christmas novella, Mistletoe Magic. Sandra had booked to go to RWA but the cloud of volcanic ash over Auckland grounded her flight. Karina Bliss and Rowena also didn't go--so we all went to lunch instead! Sandra's daughter followed twitter updates and kept feeding us information by text message about what was happening at the RITAs! We had such a good time...


  3. I had the privilege to work with Sandra on a couple of continuities and she was a real sweetheart. I miss her so much. Lessons in Seduction is a wonderful story and readers are in for a real treat.


  4. Sandra is greatly missed. I met her in Orlando and we shared a delightful afternoon. Her books showcase her talent and great inspiration. I'm honored to be on the shelf with her this month. Lessons in Seduction is a wonderful story told by a fabulous storyteller.
    Charlene Sands

  5. What a lovely blog to remember a wonderfully talented woman. Sandra was beautiful on the inside and out and left a bright light shining in the world that will burn forever.

    I bought 2 copies of Lessons in Seduction: one for a present and one for myself. I'm blessed to have met her in person shortly after I sold my own books to Desire.

    Sandra will be greatly missed.

    Jules Bennett

  6. Thanks for posting, Nas. I'm really looking forward to reading Lessons in Seduction. I've always loved Sandra's books. She won't be forgotten.

  7. It was so good to be able to have lunch together since we couldn't travel to New York. It was a stunning day and everyone had a great time. It's was and is a great way to remember Sandra. Bubbly, funny and very talented.

  8. Lovely tribute to a lovely person, Nas, and a timely reminder about Sandra's December book. It's on my must-buy list for the next trip to town.


  9. RR- LESSONS IN SEDUCTION does sound an awesome story! Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Tessa, I remember Sandra's tweet about the ash cloud and being unable to go the RWA America. And then she tweeted that she's going out to lunch with you all. I was so happy when her book got nominated for RT Reviewer's Choice Award 2011.

  10. Hi Kathie, thank you for dropping in and sharing about Sandra.

  11. Hi Kathie, thank you for dropping in and sharing about Sandra.

  12. Hello Charlene,

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Sandra.

  13. Hi Jules,

    Thank you for coming by and reading this post. I wish everyone buys Lessons In Seduction as gifts this Christmas.

  14. Hello Rowena,

    Thank you for sharing your memory of Sandra. She seemed a lovely person with her trademark hair, which looked so wonderful on her.

  15. Hi Sharon,

    Sandra would be missed by all. Thanks for coming by.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful story, and Sandra sounds like a wonderful person -- it's wonderful that the community is pulling together to support her family.

  17. Thank you Amie, this writers community is the warmest and most friendliest community.

    Thanks for coming by to read this post.

  18. Thanks, Nas, for posting such a warm and wonderful blog about Sandra. I had forgotten her last book was on the shelves this month. I'll be sure to pick it up. I had the honor of having dinner with her in Orlando. She was so bright and so much fun. What a wonderful lady!

  19. This is on my, I gotta have it list. Sounds absolutely wonderful. I am truly sorry about her passing. Such a fantastic writer and equally fantastic woman. :(

    Merry Christmas, Nas.

  20. What a lovely blog, Nas, thank you! Sandra and I had big plans for RITA night, dinner with our editors, then sitting beside each other at the awards program where both of our novellas were nominated.

    She was lovely, sweet, funny and so very talented.

  21. Up to now I have never read a book by Sandra Hyatt. This will change shortly I just placed an order at eHarlequin. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  22. wow. That sounds like a great book, and it's so sad that the author passed away before she got to see its "birth." Sounds like a great read. Thanks, Nas!

  23. Great blog today I enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to reading your book! Thanks
    Merry Christmas!

  24. I've never read her but I will buy this book in her memory.

  25. I will definitely buy this, Nas. Thanks for reminding us. I never knew Sandra in person, but her bubbly personality shone through her books and her Facebook page. A great loss to the romance writing community.

  26. Sandra's voice, and very special brand of humour, is so rich and clear in her writing. I'm grateful we have her books to enjoy even now she's gone. She was such a warm, generous and genuinely funny woman and I think of her every day. I don't think I ever met a person who knew Sandra who, in her, didn't find a wonderful new friend.

  27. That's so sad to hear. I'm definitely looking into buying a copy.

  28. Thanks for spreading the word, Nas.


  29. Oh, I didn't know about this. My condolences to her family.
    But ooh, the book sounds exciting!

  30. I'm very sorry to read about the passing of such a young and beautiful writer! :-(

    Thanks for the info and intro to her books, Nas Dean.

    May you have a peaceful and loving holiday season. Take care

  31. I'm sad to read about her passing, but pleased about your support for the author and her family. I just downloaded the Kindle book. It sounds like a great novel.