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Spotlight on Mollie Blake & Keeping You.

This week our Spotlight on Author is on Mollie Blake. And she has a new book out, Keeping You. 

 Mollie Blake is a published author of contemporary romance. A lover of reading sexy stories, Mollie decided to go one step further and write her own. Her romances are filled with danger and peppered with hot sexy scenes. She is a member of International Thriller Writers and UK Romantic Novelists Association.

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Recommendations - Get a dog

I had always been a cat lover, and I still love the sleek, independent, furry creatures. When I met my now-husband, my home was shared with a female feisty, demanding Siamese seal point and a loving, put-up-with-anything ginger tom. The other love of my life shared his home with a four-legged tortie and white, and a three-legged tortie and white. With these two irresistible females in his life, I had to fight for his attention.

Twenty-six years, and a wedding and a son later, I received the nag nag nag for a dog. My response was automatic, having been rehearsed for about three years, during which time everyone in our village got a dog.
“I don’t want a dog. I haven’t got time to walk a dog. I don’t want claws on my wooden floor. I don’t want dog hairs on my clothes…” There were a lot of “I”s, I know.
Then I stopped to think. I had given up work to raise our little boy. My choice to be an author was a by-product of that decision. So why was I saying “no” to our only son.
Needless to say, six months later eight-week-old Pepper came to live with us. For the first few weeks I asked myself, “What the hell have you done?”
In the decision-making progress to have a dog, I evaluated being an author working in the kitchen would fit right in with keeping an eye on a puppy. I was wrong. I could only have eyes for the puppy. The times she slept were not long enough for me to get into the zone for my writing. There was no continuity, which is so important to make scenes work. And I felt quite low at times, as a prisoner of my own house, mostly the kitchen. On top of that my hands were scarred with bite marks from scissor like baby teeth, and soar from being in and out of water to clean up numerous poohs and wees—rubber gloves were not an option and hand cream became my new best friend. Although Pepper was a very good sleeper at night—we have not had one bad night with her—we couldn’t put her to bed until about 10.30 and had to be up with her before 6.30 in the morning. That left me and my husband exhausted.
BUT I absolutely love her. Pepper is twenty-six weeks old now. She slobbers. She loves mud. She’s happy going out in any weather. She is a leaf and twig magnet and she adores shredding cardboard and paper.
And guess what one of my favourite things is? Taking our gorgeous, strong (!) Newfoundland for a walk.
All the hard work in those early months has paid off. Now she is well behaved, clean in the house, has a loving temperament, and I can write again. So go on, get a dog.

Reservations – something referred to as smart

Today we have smart cars, smart phones, smart TV, smart meters…
I don’t want “smart” things taking over the world. Or at least not mine.
Yes, I am all for making  life easier – I wouldn’t want to be without a dishwasher and I value the parking sensors on my car.
But I hate it when the likes of Google, or Facebook, or Amazon make assumptions about me. If I put in a search for something, I will find the information or product I need and use it, buy it or ignore it – my choice. That’s it. Done. Time to move on. I don’t want to be inundated with alternatives, duplicates or, even worse, tenuous substitutes for the next few weeks.
My reservation is that we will stop thinking for ourselves. We won’t look beyond a screen that has been programmed to give us what IT wants. Our views will become narrow, our diversity will become uniform. We mustn’t lose our humanity – it’s what makes us.
Gripe over.

Remarkables – courage to overcome that which we fear

The world is full of remarkable people who cope with the most difficult of situations. From Jesus, to Nelson Mandella to Florence Nightingale to Stephen Hawkins… From children who become carers for their parents or siblings, and school kids suffering from abuse by bullies, or worse. To worrying about going into an exam, facing a friend we have upset, or coping with the loss of a pet.
No situation, for which we need to dig deep and find courage to cope, is insignificant, and we can find strength in knowing we can do it.


His past haunts him. Revenge drives him. Can her love save him?

After a chance meeting in a bookshop, young Suzy Harper is engaged by multi-multimillionaire, Lawrence Bane, to work on translating a French document. They embark on an intense relationship, but he is surrounded by mystery and shame as demons from his past threaten to destroy everything he has worked for, including her love for him.

This exciting erotic romantic thriller traces the increasingly intense and tender relationship between the inexperienced Suzy and her wealthy, troubled lover, Lawrence. There are two obsessions in Lawrence’s life—his passion for Suzy and his drive for revenge against the gangland boss who murdered his best friend.

Will Suzy be strong enough to accept Lawrence for the man he is? Will Lawrence trust the woman he loves enough to reveal his darkest secrets to her? Will their love survive the challenges that lie ahead?

Buy Links:

Amazon Kindle    Amazon Aus      Amazon UK


  1. I love Mollie...through the technology I think we both don't like very much, in some ways. In person is much, much better. She's an awesome writer full of wisdom. Thanks, Nas, for commenting on my new blog that brought me here...and to see all you have done since we first met way back in 2010, about. All your services/businesses: just wonderful. I remember you well because of Denise Covey, and now I'm here "seeing" you again.

    I'm having a difficult time understanding Blogger (and Facebook too); everything's changed, and I'm so much older!! I took down the post you commented on last was too long, too unfocused. I'm cutting it way down, and will make a note of the fact when I post to FB so you won't have to come in and comment again :) Nice to be back, though, to Blogger reconnecting with some dear friends.

    Back to Mollie ... especially like the Remarkables paragraph. The world indeed is filled with amazing people (and animals). I have even grown to like dogs since my children (not Jen of course) have them. But unlike Mollie, I know I'll never have one of my own to take care of. 30+ years of caregiving Jen for who knows much longer is enough!!

    Hope your book does well, Mollie. Congratulations. It sounds very passionate.

    1. Thank you my dear friend, Ann. I understand your time constraints and your struggle in life. Yet still you are always hopeful and uplifting.

      All my best to you and to Jen!

    2. Thanks for your kind comments, Ann. It's hard to comprehend let alone keep up with some of the new technologies, apps and trends. But at least not much has changed in the actual writing process. Thank heavens for the Backspace. xx

  2. Nice to meet you!

    Pups can be quite a challenge.

    1. Hi, thanks, and yes, I now know that. But the love we all feel for Pepper is worth it, and I understand why dog owners are dog owners :) x

  3. Puppies can be quite a handful! My two dogs came to me as adults, which I will probably do again (even if they have their strange "rescue dog" quirks). Still, I love them to pieces!

    1. We wanted a "brand new one" as it was our first time to own a dog and we wanted it to bond with our son. Rescue dogs can have their own challenges too, but loving them makes you forget how hard it can be at times. A bit like having children. Only the dog doesn't answer me back. Although she can give me quite a look! x

  4. Wow...this book sounds incredibly intriguing...the perfect weekend read! :))

    1. Thanks Ygraine. It's quite a long book so I hope it may take more than a weekend. But I have also been told it's a page-turner so maybe not ;) x

  5. Boy oh boy, do I ever agree with your gripe about all of the so-called "smart" devices in our lives. Nowadays, people rely on digital readouts to tell them the time, on a GPS to tell them how to get somewhere, and a calculator to do the simplest math. I don't even own a cellphone... and I don't want one. I certainly don't want know-it-all cars or appliances. If anything is gonna be "smart" around here, I'd rather it be ME!

    1. Thanks for reply, Susan. I"m not sure I could live without my cellphone though. Even if it's just to call husband to ask him when he'll be home ;) x

  6. Hello, Mollie, and good luck with your latest release.

  7. I am a lover of dogs and cats. Right now I have two cats- but have had a mix of both throughout my adult life. Such good company.

    I can't imagine life without some "smart" things- like dishwashers and running water. But- I do not like the tailored ads. Sometimes I look up things out of curiosity or for research- nothing I actually want in my life. The ads always feel creepy to me.

    Best of luck to Mollie!

    1. Thanks DMS. I know what you mean by "creepy ads" xx

  8. Loved reading the post.
    Keeping You sounds like a great read.
    Glad the puppy worked out for you.

    Hey, Nas:)

  9. Thanks Sandra. Have a great day x

  10. We have a dog, but I'm more of a cat person!

    1. I am definitely a convert. I still adore cats, but the affection from a dog really touches your heart. And Pepper needs us more than any of our cats did. But it's always lovely to have something to cuddle with xx

  11. I love dogs, but we travel so much it wouldn't be fair to have one. Fortunately I have several friends who are dog owners, so get to borrow one now and then.

    1. That's fab - works both ways. We have friend currently house-sitting and looking after Pepper for us, so we know she's in good hands. Still miss her though x


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