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Why Book a Virtual Blog Tour?

After working with debut Harlequin Suspense author Natalie Charles, this is what Natalie had to say:

 I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for all you've done over the past few months. Hiring you to help me market THE SEVEN-DAY TARGET was hands down the right decision. You have made this entire process not only painless, but enjoyable! Thank you for the invaluable advice along the way, and for doing extra things like setting up Amazon Author Central and monitoring piracy sites. You've been, quite simply, outstanding. :-)

Thank you Natalie!

I was interviewed on the subject here!

For Authors In Search Of An Audience:

ROMANCE BOOK PARADISE PROMOTIONS is a unique site that allows you a chance to personally promote your book and allows your reading audience a chance to get to know you!

You'll attract more readers, giving them the opportunity to get to know you and your work better. You get your material out there in front of readers, literary agents, publishers and development executives from films, cable and TV. 

Romance Book Paradise Promotions is your first stop to getting your book promoted to that vast online audience. We offer this outlet to any traditional or self-published author, whether in e-book or print formats. 

Why wait weeks or months for your book to be noticed and recognized?

 It only takes up to 24 hours to get listed!

We are open to submissions 24/7. This is an open and friendly site that caters to all types of books. Please keep that in mind when submitting your excerpts! PLEASE -- NO PROFANITY!

It’s All About Creating a Buzz

RBP Book Tours is a service providing online virtual book tours to authors. For a minimal amount of money, time, and travel, an author can gain exposure to thousands of potential readers.

Virtual Book Tours are a promotional tool for authors to connect with readers via blogs.  It is in this way that an author has a “tour” on the Internet.

At RBP Book Tour, we customize each tour.  Through an innovative mix of widely read book blogs and specialty blogs, we seek to reach a targeted audience that would be predisposed to enjoying your book.  We work closely with authors to determine their target market and rely on their input.  We’ve built relationships with hundreds of bloggers and are constantly making new connections every day.

Every tour stop is different.  Some include interviews, author guest posts, or giveaways. Some just review the book.  The incentive for a blogger to host a tour (aside from a free book) is access to the author through email.  We encourage author involvement!

Authors have reported increased traffic on their websites from our tours and an upswing in their amazon rankings.  It’s hard to gauge the direct impact on sales, but there is always a ripple effect from our tours.  Other bloggers hear about a book, seek it out, and read and review it weeks or months later, starting the cycle all over again.  If tour hosts hold giveaways, then a book can get into the hands of even more bloggers, increasing an author’s online exposure and the buzz surrounding their book even further.

Internet publicity has become a tremendous tool for authors in this tight economy due in part to its cost effectiveness, but also due to the trend of how people get their information.  As newspapers around the globe face bankruptcy and book review sections in print shrink or disappear, there are fewer resources available for authors to get the word out about their work.  People turn to the Internet for their news and information, taking their internet connections with them everywhere they go via iPhones, Blackberrys, PDAs, laptops, etc. 

 One of the biggest advantages to a virtual tour vs. a ‘real life’ tour is that the book’s reviews live on in search engines and blog archives indefinitely- for the life of the blog.  

A book needs to have an online presence if it is to be noticed, and RBP Book Tour is here to help your book achieve that presence.

Book A Tour

Tours need to be booked at least 8 weeks in advance and will include a minimum of 10 tour stops over the course of one month on a variety of blogs. The author/publisher agrees to ship copies of their book to the bloggers hosting tour stops, to arrive at least 4 weeks prior to their tour dates.

Authors on tour will have their own Author Page created and linked to Romance Book ParadiseA Sample Author Page.

Each individual tour stop will feature a photo of the book, a review, links to the author’s website, blog, and purchasing information.

Authors who interact with tour hosts and make themselves available for guest posting, interviews, question and answer sessions with blog commenters, and who respond to comments will have the greatest success from their tour! We actively recruit tour hosts with blogs that have a large number of daily hits, or a very specialized audience that relates well to the book on tour.

We also Facebook and talk about the Book Tour on Twitter!

Please contact Nas to arrange your RBP Book Tour!
Here is what I do:
Add your book to many online databases.
Add your book to reader sites.
Make author and book pages for you.
Schedule, organise and coordinate blog tour, 8-10 or more blog stops, depending on blog schedules. Help promote and market your book throughout the scheduled time I'm contracted to you.

I was interviewed on this subject by Christina Hollis.  And Michelle Fayard did a post on VBT here!

Christina Hollis talked about Book Blog Tours.

Successful Book Tours so far:

Wendy S Marcus

Christina Hollis

Kate Walker

Tracy Sumner

Nina Jade Singer

Helen Lacey

Lynne Marshall

Louisa George

Emmie Dark

Maria McKenzie

Barbara DeLeo

Melanie Milburne

  • Robyn Grady

  • Laura O'Connell
  • Louise Cusack
  • Anne Fraser

  • Jennifer St George
    Valerie Parv

    Juanita Kees

    Kamy Chetty

    Natalie Charles

    Jennifer Faye



    1. Fantastic that you're going into this side of things, Nas! Good luck with the venture!!

    2. Thanks for the good wishes, Serena!

    3. Wow, I like the sound of this! Thanks for using my gorgeous book cover.

    4. Hi Lynne,

      Thanks for the encouragement! The cover for ONE FOR THE ROAD is gorgeous!

    5. Hi Nas!
      Congratulations on your new endeavor!

      To anyone thinking about working with Nas, I HIGHLY recommend her. Nas has been a wonderful help to me on my 30 stop blog tour, some of which she scheduled and some of which I scheduled myself. She is a fantastic resource for marketing ideas. She is organized, prompt, and a wiz on the Internet. She is very well connected in the romance world but isn't afraid to search out new opportunites for promo. I absolutely LOVE working with NAS. I would have lost my mind by now, for sure, if I didn't have her assistance. You can contact me at Wendy @ (no spaces) with any questions.

    6. Wendy, with your and Serena's encouragement, I started this new endeavor.

      Thanks for such a glowing reference, but you were also very easy to work with!

    7. Congratulations, Nas! Your site looks very professional. Best of luck!
      Lorraine Nelson

    8. Hi Lorraine,

      Thanks for coming by to read this post. CHristina Hollis just did an interview at her blog on this topic and it also has some useful information.

    9. I've just finished my first book tour with Nas and it has been fabulous! I would absolutely recommend a virtual book tour to any new, or established author wanting to reach their target audience in a fun and interactive way.
      Thanks Nas, you have been great to work with. Proffessional and so knowledgable about the Romance industry. Kudos to you - and see you on tour with the next book.

    10. Thanks so much Helen for your kind words! I loved working with you.

    11. Wow, Nas, this new venture of yours is quite impressive. I didn't realize you had started the book blog tour site up yourself. Cheers to tons of success with this!

    12. I'm a book author, with one midlife romance and several other genres too. You've certainly piqued my interest but based on your blog name, do you only work with romance novelists? I have another book in the self help category that would be the one I would like to promote more. All about successful, joyful aging, geared to Baby Boomers.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog too. My other site for all my books is accessible there, if you stop by again. Cheers and keep up the good work!!!


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