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Spotlight on Jacqui Jacoby, Dead Men Seal the Deal #Giveaway

Spotlight on author Jacqui Jacoby and her latest release, Dead Men Seal the Deal. There's a giveaway of a kindle copy of Dead Men Seal the Deal too!

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This is the second book in the series, why did you chose Jason's story as second to tell?

Dead Men Play the Game was originally slated to be a stand alone romance.  That was until I was about half way through the story.  That was about the time that the roommates--Travis, Quinn, Jason and Evan-- started talking back to me, Jason being the forefront of dialogue.  Bastard never shuts up.  By the time I decided to turn the book into series, Jason was standing in front waving his arm yelling "Me, Pick Me ..."

Where did you get the idea to start this whole series? 

I got interested in another vampire from another series.  I started playing with the concept of how my own would be different, how he would react, live.  He ended up in this house with friends for protection and the friends turned into family.  It went from being a book to being a whole universe of back story and front story.

How did you come up with the title? 

It took me about eight months to come up with the Dead Men title. I can't say there was every a gradual move in that direction. It was more like "Well, damn ... of course that's what it should be called."

What is your favorite scene? 

My favorite scene is actually relatively minor in the story with a secondary character: Quinn.  It's when Quinn broke house rules and brought home a fish tank without telling anyone.

Travis had said Jason could do what he wanted and he wasn’t going back on that. Not with the Stuarts settling in with their new roommates. Admitting defeat on this round, he headed down the stairs to his kitchen.

Knowing the menu for the night, and the fact the steak medallions were marinating, Travis came into the room smiling and ready to get going. Cooking, his passion, felt good before he faced a night at work and tonight he was confident with what he had planned to serve, he would leave the house glowing.

He stopped, ignoring his appliances and stared, blinking his eyes in disbelief because there was no way in hell any of them would even attempt this.

Sitting on the counter in the pass through area was a fish bowl. The fish bowl held black gravel, a plant and three goldfish. He walked closer, convinced it would disappear but all that happened was he noticed the yellow fish food container next to it with the word ‘goldfish food’ written in dark letters.

Past the offending bowl, Quinn sat in the family room, his feet propped up on the coffee table, a Rolling Stones Magazine opened. Judging by the pursed lips on the straight face, Travis doubted Quinn read a word.

“What the hell is this?”

Quinn paused before looking over. “Oh, were you talking to me?”

“Yes, I am talking to you.”

Keeping the magazine open, Quinn leaned toward the bowl a little. “Oh, I didn’t see that. I don’t know,” he said straight faced. “Sorta looks like dinner for the kittens.”

He cracked himself up and fell back on the couch, laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Jason asked as he came in.

Quinn kept on laughing and pointed at Travis.

Jason squinted. “Is that a fucking goldfish bowl?”

“Yeah,” Quinn laughed. “Meet ‘No’, ‘Fucking’ and ‘Way.’”

Jason leaned closer. “Which one is Fucking?”

Quinn pointed and wiggled a finger. “He’s got the little black marky thing on his ass.”

“Oh yeah,” Jason said, busting up, too.

“We have fucking rules,” Travis snapped.

“Yeah, those are going good,” Quinn laughed.

“We have a dog, two cats, now three fish. Anything else you want to check in with me about? You know meIn charge?”
             “I’ve always wanted an iguana,” Jason said

 Tell us a little about your book?

 The Dead Men Series is a series of books about five best friends who will never let the others down.  They stand side by side united as they work their way through bad guys and good guys and find the loves of their lives.

Dead Men Seal the Deal

Too-playful-for-his-own-good, Jason Sullivan keeps himself busy working his job, hitting the gym, and dating the right girl for the right amount of time. He loves romance. He loves treating a woman right. Until he has a chance encounter with Taylor Grant. Taylor escaped Georgia to flee a broken relationship. Her convictions to stay single, stay away from men and give up sex altogether will be challenged when the mischievous Jason gets her in his cross hairs. 

Jason’s seductions are not only in his romances, but also in his job. When a meeting with a new client brings Jason's human past forefront, secrets and regrets come crashing down around him. He will turn not only to the new lady in his life, but to his ‘brothers’—Travis, Ian, Quinn and Evan—who will unite as an unstoppable force that not even one greedy, vindictive hag can expect.

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  1. Loved the excerpt, that was fun. I do love vampire stories.

    1. Thanks. I loves that except so much when Quinn did it I ended up with a small tank of my own, three goldfish named ...

  2. I really love the title! I'ts so mysterious, and makes you want to pick up the book and start reading the back cover, and the first page...

    1. Thank you very much. This title just happened. The "Dead Men" took months, but Seal the Deal -- Jason wanted to talk and that is what he wanted to talk about. Love him.

  3. Best of luck to Jacqui!

    That is an excellent title.

  4. This sounds interesting... isn't is cool when you think you know how a story will go and then half way through it changes... pretty awesome

    1. You know I was wrting when it did that and you're "no ... guys over here ..." and they ignore you. Like they do ...LOL

  5. That's a cute excerpt! The goldfish names crack me up!

    1. My mother did not share your humor on the name!! Which was funny, too!! LOL

  6. I LOVE that excerpt! Coming from me, who allegedly "never" reads books about vampires, this sounds like my kinda book. Go figure!

    1. It's probably because it's not a book about vampires. It's a book about five best friends who would kill or die for each other ... who are vampires. Friendship. Then vampires. And thank you.

    2. Susan, it's also about this deep bond these five guys have for each other. Its about relationships between friends who are thicker than brothers.

  7. This series has a great concept. Congrats to Jacqui.

  8. Hey, I appreciate that Medeia. It was a fun one to work with, with exceptional personalities.

  9. What an interesting interview. Characters talk and we have to listen! I love that Jacqui's favorite scene is a small one- because great scenes don't have to always be "big" ones. Wishing her the best!

    1. Thank you. And you are right. I loved that scene so much that I got a small tank. And it was Quinn, who is generally more distanct ... rolling around the couch uncontrollable. Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Clever dialog. Don't you love when characters steal the spotlight and demand to be written?

    1. I have great characters. All of them .. but there are two in particular who did take over like old Twilight Episode. Jason was one of those.

  11. Sounds like a fun series to write. :-)

    1. It depends on if you can handle five guys talking to you all at once all the time where they never take a breath. LOL

  12. Definitely an intriguing premise. Good luck with it, Jacqui!

  13. The idea of five friends standing together is great. I love friendship stories in all genres.


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