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Spotlight on Dani Collins & A Baby to Make Her His Bride

  We have author Dani Collins this week under our spotlight. She has two new books out this month, A Baby to Make Her His Bride (Four Weddings and a Baby Book 4) And The Prospector's Only Prospect. 

Award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author Dani Collins thrives on giving readers emotional, compelling, heart-soaring romance with laughter and heat thrown in, just like real life. While she is best known for writing contemporary romance for Harlequin Presents and Tule’s Montana Born, her latest release is The Prospector’s Only Prospect, a Western Historical romance from Entangled Amara. When she’s not writing—just kidding, she’s always writing. Dani lives in Southern BC, Canada with her high school sweetheart husband.

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What inspires you to write? 


Lots of things inspire me. Sometimes it’s a line of a song, a strange headline, something in a podcast or a story someone tells about their family. Other times it’s a book I’m reading. If I’m ever stuck while writing, usually a walk outside always helps.



What is your favorite genre and why?


Romance. I mostly read contemporary, but I’ll read just about any subgenre if a book sounds interesting, from historical to fantasy to monster romance. I’m happiest if it’s spicy with a side of humor.



Share a bit about your writing process.


Usually I find it easier to write if I take the time to write a synopsis first, but I don’t always do that. Often, I need a few thousand words to get a feel for the characters and their initial chemistry. Once I have the premise and opening chapters, it’s two steps forward, one back. I write and write, then go back to the beginning, comb out the tangles, push on for a few more chapters… By the time I’m writing The End, most of the book is submission ready.


Then I send to my editor and the revision process begins, which can be a number of passes depending on the publisher.




Tell us about your book...

When I pitched my editor on the Four Weddings and a Baby series, I began matching up couples: Groom and Secret Baby Mama, Bride and Best Man, Bride’s brother and Bride’s Best Friend and…Well, I figured it had to be the First Groom’s Sister and the Secret Baby Mama’s Brother—even though that brother had gone missing and was presumed dead.


Nevertheless, that’s what I did. Vienna needs somewhere private to ride out the scandal of her high-profile divorce. She goes to the house her brother bought her and finds it’s occupied—by Jasper, who she believes is dead! Fun fact: she thought her libido was also dead, but he brings that back to life right quick!


They agree it’s a fling, but once they part, she not only learns he’s as rich as she is, but that she’s carrying his baby. Jasper wasn’t planning to marry anyone, let alone have kids, but he whisks her away to Chile while they plan the splashy wedding that will be the fourth in this quartet. Will this be the one wedding that actually happens without a hiccup? (Does any wedding? Spoiler Alert: Heck no.)

A Baby to Make Her His Bride

The reason that they will meet at the altar? Their baby! Fall in love with this pregnancy romance from USA TODAY bestselling author, Dani Collins.   

Unexpectedly pregnant…

Scandalously wed!

Fleeing her very public divorce, socialite Vienna is shocked to find her private hideaway already occupied. Gruff and brooding Jasper was presumed dead—just like Vienna’s love life. So her instant connection to him is unexpected, yet completely undeniable…

One night is all Jasper can offer Vienna. The people closest to him always get hurt. Then scandal strikes, forcing them to fly to Chile as a couple for the whole world to see! But when Jasper learns Vienna is carrying his baby, he must take things one step further to protect them both…with his diamond ring!

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

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The Prospector's Only Prospect

The Prospector’s Only Prospect is a steamy and emotional historical romance wherein Marigold heads to Denver as a mail-order bride. Grumpy, single-dad Virgil knows she’s not the bride he ordered, but he has three children who need minding while he runs his gold-mining operation. If you like banter, swooning, and found family, add this to your TBR. 

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