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Spotlight on Helen Lacey & Their Second-Time Valentine Giveaway

 This week Spotlight on Author is on Helen Lacey and her latest release, Book 2 in her The Fortunes of Texas series: Their Second-Time Valentine (The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune Book 2)And we have a kindle copy giveaway for one commenter! 

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Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

You know, I think being human makes us all feel deeply – even if we don’t believe it of ourselves.  And of course, writing with emotion will always make for a better story, but it really is all about an individual’s perspective and opinion. What I might consider a deeply powerful and emotional story, someone else might not. Some people read Jane Austen and get lost in the pages, others prefer to watch the movie.


What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

I’ve always loved reading, and have always believed that books give us knowledge and through knowledge we can learn to be the best version of ourselves. I traveled a lot when I was a child with my parents who would go through phases of longing for a nomadic life. When we were on the road, going to school sometimes wasn’t an option, my father would always ensure I had plenty of books to keep me busy…and not always children’s books. Gone With the Wind, Exodus, Far From A Madding Crowd, Trinity, The Confessions Of Nat Turner…I have such vivid memories of these books when I was young, and of talking about them with my father. Looking back, because I lost my dad when I was in my twenties, I’m so glad we had that time together.



As a writer, what would you tell other writers starting out?

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep trying. Never give up. Find that one person who believes in you – a partner, a relative, a friend – join a writing group, on line or face-to-face. And never lose sight of what originally made you want to write – the passion for storytelling.


Tell us about your book...

Their Second-Time Valentine is book two in the latest Fortunes of Texas continuity from Harlequin Special Edition. It’s the story of a good guy, Kane Fortune, who’s never found the time or had the inclination to settle down – until he meets windowed single mother Layla, and her adorable toddler, Erin. Of course, the road to a happily-ever-after isn’t always smooth sailing, but these two eventually manage to find their way.

Their Second-Time Valentine (The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune Book 2)

Sometimes love is a package deal…

wo sweethearts for the price of one!

Rugged builder Kane Fortune has never had any trouble attracting women—he’s just never been the type to stick around. Until he meets widowed mom Layla McCarthy and her adorable toddler, Erin. But just as Kane feels safe enough to let his guard down for the first time, Layla puts on the brakes. She’s worried he’s not up to being a lifetime valentine. Kane will have his work cut out for him proving he’s right for the role.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

The Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune

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  1. Congratulations to Helen. I hope her book does really well. I need emotion to be truly entranced by a book (and movies just don't do it for me.

    1. Thank you! yes, I'm more of a book person than a movie-goer...although I do love a good Jane Austen adaption :)

  2. Nice interview, good luck with the new book! Valerie

  3. Good questions and answers. The book sounds good.

    1. Hi Christine - yes, Nas always asked great questions :)

  4. Congratulations to Helen Lacey. Hopefully his book will be a best seller.

  5. This sounds like a lovely read. Wishing you much success, Helen.
    'Lo, Nas:)

  6. I always love her stories. Congratulations on the new book!

    1. Hi Michelle - thanks so much! All the best to you :)

  7. Great! Have a nice evening :)

  8. all i can say... congrates Helen������

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  10. congratulation....
    love to read interview.

    Have a great day

  11. Great interview! Sounds like an exciting read. Best of luck to Helen.

  12. Nice interview, ladies. One of the blessings of my childhood is the rich abundance of books and parents who never censored my reading choices. Being able to discuss those books with your father must have left you with many warm memories.

    Good luck with the new book!

  13. I always love hearing about the books that others read when they were kids!
    This sounds like a lovely sweet romance :-)

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